March 15, 2023

Tips to Negotiate a Competitive Salary for a Remote Position with an International Company

I. Introduction

  • Explanation of the importance of negotiating a competitive salary for a remote position with an international company
  • Brief overview of what the article will cover

II. Research the company and position

  • Explanation of the importance of researching the company and position before starting salary negotiations
  • Tips for finding information about the company's financial health and the market rate for your position

III. Consider your experience and qualifications

  • Explanation of how your experience and qualifications can influence your salary negotiations
  • Tips for assessing your experience and qualifications and how to use them to your advantage during negotiations

IV. Determine your value proposition

  • Explanation of the importance of determining your unique value proposition before starting negotiations
  • Tips for identifying your key strengths and how they align with the company's needs

V. Be confident and assertive

  • Explanation of how to be confident and assertive during salary negotiations
  • Tips for using positive language, staying calm, and being persistent when negotiating

VI. Negotiate benefits and perks

  • Explanation of how to negotiate benefits and perks in addition to salary
  • Tips for identifying and negotiating additional benefits, such as vacation time, work schedule flexibility, and professional development opportunities

VII. Know when to walk away

  • Explanation of when to consider walking away from a job offer that doesn't meet your salary expectations
  • Tips for evaluating job offers and making informed decisions

VIII. Conclusion

  • Recap of the tips for negotiating a competitive salary for a remote position with an international company
  • Encouragement to advocate for your worth and negotiate a fair compensation package
Article written by Carlos Trujillo
Carlos works from Colombia as a Senior Experimentation Strategist at Speero, attending clients globally. He's been working remotely for +7 years.

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