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The new images show locals HAND-CLEANING a road ahead of the celebration of Kim Jung Il’s 100 year anniversery.

And the incredible poverty of rural areas is placed in sharp contrast to the huge tower blocks and majestic – no doubt expensive – monuments going up in downtown Pyongyang.

North Korea

Mighty … North Koreans walk beside the symbol for Art, Industry and Agriculture in Pyongyang

Barcroft Media

Children buys goods from a stall in North Korea

Rural … a poor family buys goods from a stall called a ‘kaesong’

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Recent reports have told how the situation in the poverty-stricken nation has become so desperate that families have turned to cannibalism.

One man was said to have been executed by firing squad for killing and eating his two children, while at least 10,000 are claimed to have starved to death.

As the horror unfolds, the super-highway stands almost unused – with so few cars that three bicycles can be seen crossing.

Commuters in North Korea

Rush hour … commuters walk past an east-European tram in Pyongyang

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Workmen clean roads in North Korea

Hard work … workmen hand-clean the road ahead of government celebrations

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The road, which runs from the capital of Pyongyang to the border with South Korea, was snapped by Swedish photographer Bjvrn Bergman.

He spent two years trying to obtain a visa to visit the secretive Asian nation, and once there, was taken around the country on an official tour bus.

He said: “My kids and friends thought I was one hundred per cent crazy for going to North Korea and asked me to stay at home.

Women transport bikes laden with tea to locals famers in North Korea

Struggle … women transport bikes laden with heavy material to local farmers

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A power plant in North Korea

Pollution … a carbon power plant belches smoke into the Pyongyang sky

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“But North Korea is one of the safest countries for tourists according to the UN. The trip was scary, horrible, and beautiful all at the same time.

“We weren’t allowed to talk to the natives – they wouldn’t even so much as look at us.”

Bjvrn, 54, was shown stage-managed groups of North Koreans showing their loyalty to the regime, as well as giant hammer and sickle statues.

A tram in North Korea

Modern … trams whizz past new tower blocks in Pyongyang

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Women perform maintenence on road in North Korea

Upkeep … women perform maintenance on the road between Pyongyang and the demilitarised zone in North Korea

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He explained: “My rule as a photographer is shoot first, then ask. The guards were very hostile.

“At the hotels they told us to stay in and would not allow us to leave without guides.

“We tried three times but didn’t get further than three metres before they told us to go back.

New building in North Korea capital Pyongyang

Impressive … new buildings in Pyongyang sparkle as the North Koreans starve

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A guide pointing to a map if North Korea in Pyongyang Army Museum

History lesson … a guide talks tourists through the Korean War in the Pyongyang Army Museum

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“During our bus trips, there were three guards and they didn’t allow us to take any pictures besides those they asked us to shoot, such as snaps of monuments.”

Bjvrn added: “I want to go back, but I’m not sure they will let me in again.”

Consider what the Senate, which once dubbed itself “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” and a news media, which has greater access to information than at any time in history, didn’t deal with just in the last few days of the anti-Hagel filibuster.

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