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The “Potpourri” section includes pictures we still need to categorize. Each index page contains 50 thumbnails to limit download time.

A cold winter

It has been a while since I’ve uploaded anything new here. There’s a simple explanation for that, not much new has happened. I’m studying a lot and I’m able to say a few sentences now, although I doubt it’s very fluent. Good thing though is that I’m learning a lot grammar which gives me a good basis in Russian. From there on I should be able to continue learning new words and applying them correctly. It’s still a bit hard to determine whether I’m making any sense in Russian though. I was asked today by someone from the school if it would be possible to reschedule my course for a few days since my tutor was leaving to London, obviously that was no problem for me. Although I had also asked if I would be able to reschedule a few lessons as well so I would be able to visit Tallinn without missing any classes. Since I had signed up for the standard course this wasn’t possible even though I have private lessons. I was a bit frustrated because I didn’t see the harm in it and I was rescheduling for them as well. Guess I’ll have to miss a few lessons then and simply accept the fact that rules are rules. If you know anything about me then I suppose you’d also know how that went, accepting rules..They still like me though so I guess it didn’t go that bad.

I did go to some lounge club yesterday where I played billiard the whole evening with Julia and Rich, another student here. I didn’t really know what to expect, as usual, although after a few minutes everyone got really relaxed and we just had a great time. I guess it was nice to just relax a bit and not to think about anything to serious. Since the Russian is really exhausting and I’m almost always confronted with it. Good news though! We will be expecting some snow now any day and that means I’ll upload some photo’s of the city as well! It’s going freezing here though, Saturday it’ll be like -12, guess that’ll prepare me for Siberia already.

Unbelievable! When I woke up this morning it was snowing! It’s freezing outside and everything around me is suddenly white. It’s an amazing sight. I’ve made some pictures already of the parks although I’m going to wait till there’s more snow for the pictures of the old center. Perhaps tomorrow! Oh and I actually scored 87% on my test today, so really happy about that! You’re going to love this story though. I actually got the courage today to speak to a random man today in Russian and I asked if he could make a photo of me, so you could all see how I actually look here. So after asking him if he spoke any Russian, he did, I asked him to take the photo. He replied, in other words the man was blind. So not really a great success although he seemed very friendly and it was nice to try my Russian on the streets. I did however ask my host to take some pictures so you could still have an idea! Miss you all!

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