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The first important thing in one’s career that I learned dawned on me while I was staring at my resume template – it gave me a blank stare while I sat in front of my computer monitor. I thought, “I should have seen what a resume looks like when I was 10 years old!”

I was about to graduate at that time and because I wanted to be ahead of the newly-graduates pack, I decided to look for a job early. Looking for work all starts with a piece of paper: THE RESUME and I must tell you, it will force you to travel back in time, asking yourself, “What have I done?”

The first part of resume writing is easy. You have to fill out your personal information. The name and the contact details are the most important. The resume template I copied from also stated height, weight, birthday and religion. I promptly deleted those details now.

Educational background also came as a breeze. Schools, university and date attended. Well I had to count back the years a few times just to be sure.

Then… what next? I had to state skills & achievements. I had some academic awards when I was in the university including a Cum Laude. But are they enough? Are they enough compared to others from my batch who have joined several competitions, completed internships or lead important school organizations?

There’s no use moping around about the past now. It’s time to move forward.

If I did not achieve something when I was studying, what can I achieve from hereon? Where are proofs that I am hardworking, can be easily trained and have discipline under pressure? Those words certainly sound good on a resume but they will only be subjective description of oneself without evidence.

If you think that your resume is lacking and you need more experience in order to stand out, here are some tips for you:

Do volunteer for apprenticeship.

People say that nothing is free nowadays but don’t be afraid to do volunteer jobs related to your preferred career. Volunteer as server, waiter, be an assistant to anyone you know in the industry. For sure, many will not turn down free assistance. While under apprenticeship, be highly trainable and observant for out-of-school lessons that you can pick up. Do not be shy to ask for advice and future referrals.

Get online, part time or home-based jobs.

It’s a new era now. People can get online jobs especially those that are related to IT, programming, software development and you can find a ton of jobs related to SEO, link building and online content writing. I personally did this tip and it really helped me gain the skills and experience for my current career.

Get your thing off your seats and actually do something!

It’s probably one of my biggest mistakes at one point or another. Don’t just sit and wait for a company that will finally get you started. Don’t limit yourself and settle for jobs that suit you – become suitable for the job! Self study, get training and upgrade your skills.

Accounting / Finance

General/Cost Acct (3082)

Banking/Financial (2809)

Audit & Taxation (784)

Finance/Investment (522)

Admin / HR

Clerical/Administrative (2266)

Human Resources (1900)

Secretarial (687)

Top Management (123)

Sales / Marketing

Marketing (2554)

Retail Sales (2239)

Telesales/Telemarketing (1569)

Sales – Corporate (1043)

Sales – Eng/Tech/IT (451)

Sales – Financial Services (349)

Merchandising (308)

Arts / Media / Comm

Arts/Creative Design (932)

Advertising (426)

Public Relations (389)

Entertainment (53)


Customer Service (9805)

Tech & Helpdesk Support (2580)

Personal Care (877)

Logistics/Supply Chain (526)

Security/Armed Forces (251)

Law/Legal Services (174)

Social Services (52)


Food Tech/Nutritionist (224)

Agriculture (178)

Aviation (169)

Chemistry (118)

Actuarial/Statistics (112)

Science & Tech (81)

Geology (59)

Biotechnology (14)

Computer / IT

Software (3064)

Hardware (2577)

Network/Sys/DB (2117)


Mechanical/Automotive (4952)

Other Eng (4445)

Electrical Eng (2782)

Electronics Eng (1676)

Environmental (606)

Oil/Gas Eng (502)

Industrial Eng (333)

Chemical Eng (288)


Manufacturing (3257)

Maintenance (1342)

Purchasing (933)

Quality Assurance (795)

Process Design & Control (184)

Building / Construction

Civil Eng/Construction (3164)

Architect/Interior (1164)

Property/Real Estate (426)

Quantity Survey (380)

Hotel / Restaurant

F & B (3566)

Hotel/Tourism (1891)

Education / Training

Education (1460)

Training & Dev. (515)


Nurse/Medical Support (3953)

Doctor/Diagnosis (589)

Pharmacy (354)


General Work (7713)

Others (1312)

Journalist/Editors (450)

Publishing (117)

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