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The Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) was established on 4 March 2006 under UNMIK Regulation 2006/10, as an administrative agency functioning …


The UNV Support Office can assist in helping you identify suitable housing. There is not any specific health problems associated with Kosovo, and no vaccines …


to develop a sustainable spatial planning, land and housing policy for Kosovo. Achieving this will involve all the relevant stakeholders including the Government ..


That home of 18 years seems a world away, instead of across the road. The ethnic conflict between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo forced her …


Historical Background and Developments in Kosovo. 2. The NATO Intervention. 3. UNMIK’s Response to Kosovo’s Housing and Property Crises. CHAPTER 2 …

The Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) was established on 4 March 2006 under UNMIK Regulation 2006/10, as an administrative agency functioning independently pursuant to Chapter 11.2 of the Constitutional Framework of Kosovo. It is mandated under UNMIK Regulation 2006/50 to resolve the resolution of claims resulting from the armed conflict that occurred between 27 February 1998 and 20 June 1999 in respect of private immovable property, including agricultural and commercial property – and has three main functions; (a) receive, register and resolve specific claims on private immovable property; (b) enforcement of legally final decisions; and (c) administration of abandoned properties. The KPA, has subject to appeal to the Supreme Court of Kosovo, exclusive jurisdiction to resolve the claims for private immovable property resulting from the conflict period specified above.

Under the Regulation, the staff and assets of the Housing and Property Directorate is subsumed into the KPA. The KPA therefore assumes responsibility for the implementation of all residential property claims that were pending with the HPD on 4 March 2006 and it will ensure their resolution in an effective and expeditious manner. Further, the Housing and Property Claims Commission (HPCC) will continue to decide the limited number of remaining residential claims that are currently pending before it.

The Housing and Property Directorate (HPD) and its Housing and Property Claims Commission (HPCC) were originally established by UNMIK regulation 1999/23 [1] on 15 November 1999 to regularize all individual conflict-related housing and property claims.

Challenges for the UN Housing and Property Directorate

Armed conflict in Kosovo in 1998-1999 led to the destruction of tens of thousands of homes and the mass occupation of abandoned homes as refugees were repatriated.

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