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Housing in Finland. Advice on housing and tenant issues, areas to live and utilities. Get advice if you are looking for information on renting, buying, selling or …


General information: Finnish housing standards, setting up, utilities, conditions of residence.


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Aug 10, 2012 – Accommodation. Please note that CIMO (“Study in Finland”) does not act as an accommodation services office. However, we have gathered …


Housing. Statistics describing the building and dwelling stock, dwelling occupancy, the population’s housing conditions and occupancy rates, as well as …

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Please note that CIMO (“Study in Finland”) does not act as an accommodation services office. However, we have gathered some basic information and links for you to assist you in your search for student accommodation.

You are best advised to first enquire about accommodation possibilities directly from the University/UAS in Finland you will be studying at, or from the local student housing foundation.

Student housing foundations

Student accommodation in Finland, for both exchange and degree students, is usually organised by established student housing foundations. In some university towns accommodation can also be arranged through the student unions themselves, or through regional student clubs or faculty organisations. Many towns and municipalities also have dormitories maintained by the municipal community or the educational institution.

For general information on student housing in Finland, please visit the web site of Finnish Student Housing Ltd (SOA). On the SOA page, you can also find the web sites of the student housing organisations in different locations in Finland.

You can contact the international office of your chosen educational institution in Finland for information on student housing options at your future study location. Note that, especially in the autumn term when many new students are moving in to start their studies, there may be long queues for student flats. Therefore it is recommended that you apply for student housing well in advance of your arrival to Finland. Usually you can start this process once you have received your letter of acceptance. Your hosting Finnish university/UAS can advise you on the local student housing opportunities, if necessary.

How much does student housing cost per month?

The monthly rent varies from one study location to another, and also depending on the size and type of the student flat in question. The average monthly rent for a single room in a shared student flat ranges from approximately 160€ to 340€ (according to the 2010 SOA statistics). Single apartments or family flats are also available, but the rent rate is higher in these non-shared apartments.

Detailed information on monthly rent rates is available from the student housing foundations directly. Your Finnish home university/UAS can also assist you in accommodation-related questions.

Arranging your own housing

While it is of course possible to arrange your housing independently, for example by searching for rented flats on the open market, this can be difficult to achieve – especially before you have actually arrived in Finland. Also, this may be considerably more expensive than the available student housing options. However, if you are interested in this option, please refer to the Infopankki link (at the right-hand margin of this page) for hints and advice.

Also, you may search for available flats on the open market through the Lyyra rentals housing service.

About the former “CIMO halls of residence” in the Helsinki area

NB: the operation of the former “CIMO halls of residence” is no longer coordinated by CIMO as of 2012. Please see: http://www.cimo.fi/services/halls_of_residence

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