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Detached House. Location: Belimbing. Price: BND 1,200. Location: Pengkalan Gadong. Price: BND 3,500. Location: Mata-Mata. Price: BND 3,500. Location:


BRUNEI – Demand for housing is outweighing supply, said a senior manager at HSBC Brunei, adding that “young buyers” are leading the way


A current aerial view over Brunei Darussalam reveals rows of new housing estates, as well as large swathes of broken up soil signifying the …

In general, teachers live in houses which are much larger than they may be used to in their own country. It should be noted however that houses can vary a lot from one district of Brunei to another. Families usually live in large detached houses with gardens, singles are able to live in similar houses but many prefer to live in smaller accommodation and keep the surplus in the housing allowance. Basic furnishing is provided although some landlords provide additional extras such as TV’s and washing machines.

In most cases the school will assist you in finding housing when teaching in Brunei and then you would get an allowance or rental credit. The most common situation follows this process:housing-in-brunei

Arrive and go to a hotel or serviced apartment.

School assists you in providing housing options or a real estate agent will support you.

Before you choose a house be certain to have a school representative check over the house for you.

The landlord will have to sign a tenancy agreement with the school.

If there is a balance credit from the housing allowance it will be allocated to your account.

If there is a balance debit from the housing allowance it will be deducted from your pay.

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Electricity in Brunei

Brunei Information – Housing in Brunei

Standard electricity in Brunei is 220-240 volts. Plugs are of the 3 pin variety, the same as the UK. Adapters for plugs are easy to find. Power cuts happen occasionally, in some areas this will happen more often that in others, but these outages generally don’t last much longer than a couple of hours.brunei-electrical-plug

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