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Taiwan (Traditional Chinese:, Simplified Chinese: ?? tái wa-n) [1] is an island nation of about 36,000 km² located off the coast of southeastern mainland China, southwest of Okinawa and north of the Philippines. The island is offically known as and governed by the Republic of China (???? Zho-nghuá Mínguó) or ROC. Shaped roughly like a sweet potato, the nation is home to more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Besides its crowded cities, Taiwan is also known for steep mountains and lush forests. In addition to the island of Taiwan, the Republic of China also governs the tiny Pescadores (Penghu), Quemoy (Kinmen/Jinmen), and Matsu.


Tour Guide Download. Taiwan Easy Travel . Taiwan Easy Travel. fantastic tour of sanxia and yingge,old streets; northern sky lantern-pingxi-jiufen …


Taiwan travel guide including detailed destination guides to Taiwanese cities, beaches, ski resorts, cruise ports and airports. Up to date and written by experts.


Taiwan Adventures offers a free online guide book to Taiwan. Get travel information and advice on every aspect of traveling in Taiwan.


Plan your trip to Taiwan with The New York Times Travel Guide, featuring the best hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping, bars and more in Taiwan.


Download our FREE Taiwan digital city guides to Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Chiayi. Find information on dining, nightlife, entertainment, culture, …


Taiwan boasts some very impressive scenic sites, and Taipei is a vibrant center of culture and entertainment. The island is also a center of Chinese pop culture with a huge and vibrant entertainment industry. Taiwanese cuisine is also highly regarded. The Japanese enjoy taking short trips to come over and stay and enjoy its neighboring hospitalities. Lately with the relaxation of restrictions there is an increasing number of mainland Chinese visiting the Island nation.


23 (CNA) People in Taiwan have a culture of respecting their parents and … “Talking in generalities, we have a culture of throwing away the old …


Generalities Taiwan PDF Files, Theoretical Sciences, Hsinchu, Taiwan. x2. Generalities (2.1) Notations The following notations are in force …


China and Taiwan have been governed separately since defeated Generalissimo … Taiwan’s Chen blasts KMT as KMT delegation welcomed in China by Asian …


Shih-Shan Henry Tsai – 2008 – Political Science

The committee stressed the fact that native Taiwanese, who were 85 percent of … Although the U.S. Congress spoke in generalities of the KMT’s human rights …


General information about Taiwan: capital, currency, official language, climate…All you need to know about Taiwan.


Taiwan has been populated for thousands of years by more than a dozen non-Han Chinese aboriginal tribes. Written history begins with the partial colonization of Taiwan by the Dutch and then the Portuguese in the early 17th century. (The old name of Taiwan, Formosa, comes from the Portuguese Ilha Formosa for “beautiful island”.) Han Chinese immigrants arrived in significant numbers with the onset of European trade. Although controlled by the Dutch, the Ming loyalist Koxinga (???) defeated the Dutch garrisons and set up Taiwan as a rump Ming Empire with the hope of reconquering Qing China. His grandson surrendered to the Qing in the late 1600s. Although contact between China and Taiwan dates back thousands of years, it was not until larger numbers of Han residents arrived during the Qing dynasty that Taiwan was formally integrated into the rest of China as part of Hokkien (Fujian) province. It became a separate province in 1885. Defeated by the Japanese, the Qing Empire ceded Taiwan to Japan under the terms of the treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895. Japan ruled the island all the way until the end of World War II in 1945, and exerted profound influences on its development. The island’s entertainment and pop culture was and still is heavily influenced by that of Japan. Much of the Japanese-built infrastructure can still be seen on the island today, and has been in fact continuously used up to the present day (e.g. rail-road crossing gates, administrative buildings, and the old port at Kaohsiung).


Taiwan – Formalities. Clearance. Note: You will definitely be refused entry if coming from China (apart from Hong Kong or Macau) as it is not legal to come from a …


119 Products – Taiwan Formalities,Taiwan FormalitiesSuppliers and Manufacturers Directory- Source a Large Selection of Formalities Products at Bridesmaid …


Taiwan Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Taiwan. Comprehensive Information on Taiwan Visa Requirements – Apply …


Applicants have to apply the visa outside Taiwan.? Basic Documents required for the Visa application. (Applicants are required to provide …


Taiwan. ENTRY FORMALITIES AND CUSTOMS Entry Formalities 1. Visa-free entry Citizens of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, …


All travelers will need a passport valid for at least 90 days following your departure date from Taiwan. However, we strongly recommend traveling with 6 months validity on your passport at all times. VisaHQ can assist U.S. citizens with a full range of expedited passport services, including new passport application and passport renewal.


Taiwan Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Taiwan. Comprehensive Information on Taiwan Visa Requirements – Apply …


Visa. On-line Application Forms · Visitor Visas. Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other legal travel documents and who intend to stay in Taiwan …


Applicants have to apply the visa outside Taiwan.? Basic Documents required for the Visa application. (Applicants are required to provide …


On October 2, 2012 the United States announced Taiwan’s designation for participation in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Under the VWP, eligible Taiwan …


comprehensive informatin about the ROC government on Taiwan includes announcements,official documents and A/V presentations.


The majority of travellers who work in Taiwan pick up temporary jobs teaching English. Jobs teaching other languages (mainly European or Japanese) do exist but have a much smaller proportion of the market.

Job requirements – in finding employment with a language school, experience, teaching qualifications and references are not required but obviously help. On paper, a big issue is also made about accents, with the North American English accent being heavily favored over British, Australian and South African accents in many language schools’ sales marketing. However, in practice, many schools that advertise ‘American English’ and claim that their teachers are all from Canada or the USA, actually employ teachers from anywhere. Age is a factor, with applicants in their 20s seemingly being preferred. More than anything, appearance is probably the major factor in finding employment with most schools – Do you ‘look Western’? – and reliability and turning up on time for work is then the major factor for keeping your job. Therefore, if you look the part, it is very easy to find a school willing to take you on for at least a few days.


Working hard is ingrained in Taiwanese society. But recent deaths attributed to overwork are leading people to question the culture for the first …


Teaching English is also a good way for English-speaking graduates to find work in Taiwan. Opportunities may also be available in areas such as finance, …


All foreigners in Taiwan are allowed to work there for a maximum of nine years, but should return to their home country every three years to secure a new …


It’s now been over a year since I’ve moved to Taiwan and one of the things that happened very fast around that time was my first job. A month …


Temporary And Seasonal Work In Taiwan. See Fast Facts On Living And Working In Taiwan. Chinese is the main language spoken in Taiwan. Work can be …


The only thing I didn’t like was that the room and the furnishing were old, but since the hotel is …


Taiwan Accommodation: Find 31109 traveler reviews and 189 candid photos for 1484 Taiwan Hotels on TripAdvisor.


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Taiwan has several good universities, many of which have exchange agreements with foreign universities, and these are a good way to experience life in Taiwan. The most prestigious university is National Taiwan University.


121 English Taught Programs. Taiwan Education Fair in US. Humanities & Social Sciences. Agriculture. Chinese. Call for Story. Taiwan Education Fair in US …


Since the establishment of the Taiwan Studies Programme in 1999, the School of Oriental and African Studies has become one of the leading centres for Taiwan …


The constitution of the North American Taiwan Studies Association was established at the first annual conference at Yale University in June 1994, and has been …


Within the world of Oriental scholarship, Sinology and Asian Studies, the academic discipline of Taiwan Studies is fairly new. This is not because of neglect or …


TaiwanStudies.org. Study abroad in Taiwan and learn Chinese. Get your Higher Education and Travel.

Health care

Medicines are available for minor ailments at drug stores. You may also find common drugs requiring a prescription in the west (like asthma inhalers and birth control pills) cheaply available from drug stores without a prescription.

Taiwan has both Chinese physicians and Western doctors, both of which are taken equally seriously. However, as a foreigner, the assumption would generally be to direct you to a Western doctor. The quality of the hospitals in Taiwan is excellent and on par, if not better, with those found in the West. Taiwan’s health care program is considered as one of the best health care in the world. Legal residents with a National Health Card can avail themselves of the very convenient and efficient national health service, which covers treatment and medication using both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. However, this service is not available to short term visitors on tourist visas; nor does it cover major hospitalization expenses. Still, hospital visits and medicine in Taiwan tends to be far less expensive than in the west. For minor ailments and problems (flu, broken bones, stitches, etc). Note that outside the major cities, it might be difficult to find a doctor who speaks English, so try to learn some basic Mandarin before heading off the beaten track.


2013-02-07, We Wish You A Happy Chinese New Year! 2013-01-14, FAQs of the 2nd Generation of NHI. 2013-01-11, A Glance on the 2nd Generation of NHI …


About 10 years ago, Taiwan created a national health care system from scratch by adopting good ideas from other countries. Patients say …


Taiwan’s landscape, now complete with impressive skyscrapers & well-planned, tree-lined streets, is testament to its rapid progress.


Taiwan has one of Asia’s most highly-praised health care systems. Passed in 1995, it’s a single-payer health care insurance system.


The bulk of Taiwan’s health care facilities—86 percent of hospitals (1999) and 65 percent of all hospital beds (2000)—are privately owned.2 Most of the privately …


There are two kinds of banks in Taiwan. Government owned and Independent. The government owned are tightly regulated; the Independents are Taiwan’s free marketeers, each competing against the other to get deposits and very accommodating. You’ll find a list of the five biggest in the table below. The International Commercial Bank of China allows people to use their passport to open accounts. All the others require a passport and an ARC. The kind of account you want to ask for is a “Demand Deposit” account. You won’t be able to write checks (like you could!) but you’ll get unlimited ATM withdrawls throughout Taiwan. The ATM withdrawl fee is the same, nationwide, even if you go to your own bank’s ATM: NT$7 for every withdrawl.


Our website URL is www.bot.com.tw Please add to My Favorites Bank Of Taiwan All Rights Reserved. You are the 9 8 3 5 3 7 5 2 visitor, Best browse in …


Welcome to First Commercial Bank. First Commercial Bank was originally established on November 26, 1899 as Savings Bank of Taiwan. In 1912 it merged with …


HSBC banking services cover personal banking product services, direct banking … HSBC in Taiwan … Business Internet Banking Service Announcement …


All about opening a bank account in Taiwan with links to other articles about money and finance and taxes.


Beijing’s attempt to make the renminbi a global currency took a step forward on Friday with an agreement that will let banks in Taiwan clear …


Two broad categories of taxes exist at the national level: customs duties and inland taxes. Customs duties are administered by the Directorate-General of Customs, which has local offices throughout the country. Five national tax administrations who are directly subordinate to the central government handle oversight of all inland taxes. Inland taxes is a broad term that includes


Based on the principle of “the Rule of Law” and “Doctrine of Taxation by Law”, the collection of taxes in Taiwan should be regulated by laws. The tax collection …


Investment in Taiwan … Tax Related Laws & Regulations, the Income basic tax, tax Treaty, important Measures, tax Treatment of Foreign Investment …


… How can a resident of the R.O.C. file annual income tax returns if the resident of … 2, Aiguo W. Road Taipei, 10066 Taiwan, R.O.C. (Location & Transportation) …


Taiwan has a progressive taxation system, under which individuals are taxed between 6% and 40% of their income. The tax year in Taiwan corresponds to a …


Foreigners working with an ARC in Taiwan will have their wages taxed at a rate of 20% until they have stayed more than 183 days during a tax year.


Occasionally a bus driver might stop a bus away from the curb at a bus stop. Sometimes it is due to a vehicle illegally parked at a bus stop. (Taiwanese traffic law and regulation prohibit vehicles from stopping or parking within 10 m (33 ft) of a bus stop.) However, a bus driver might stop a bus away from the curb just because he or she does not want to wait for overtaking traffic while leaving a bus stop. Therefore, be much more careful when getting on or off a bus stopped away from a curb, as many motorcycles, motor scooters, and bicycles will definitely be tempted to overtake on the right side of the stopped bus where people get on and off! (As traffic drives on the right side of the road in Taiwan, buses have doors on the right side.)


Taiwan Transportation: 119 tips on getting to and getting around Taiwan from real travelers and locals.


Air transport plays a critical role in Taiwan’s external traffic. Train, buses, taxi, rapid transit and ferry undertake the man task of its internal transport.


Taiwan transportation map – Taiwan is a greatly developed city with most convenient transportation system; click for Taiwan sightseeing buses map and Taipei …


Motorscooters and motorcycles are the most common modes of transportation for teachers. BE CAREFUL! Driving in Taiwan is fast and furious and can result in …


Transport in Taiwan. Arriving and departing using public transportation in Taiwan such as busses, trains, car hire, flights and ferries – Lonely Planet.

Driver’s licence

Motor vehicles having a permissible maximum weight not exceeding 3,500 kg and not more than nine seats including the driver’s seat.

Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods and whose permissible maximum weight exceeds 3,500 kg.


All about drivers licenses in Taiwan – International Drivers Licenses & Local Licenses.


If you’re staying long term in Taiwan, you’ll need to get a Taiwanese driver’s license, as an IDP is only valid for a short time.


If you’re staying long term in Taiwan, you’ll need to get a Taiwanese driver’s license, as an IDP is only valid for a short time.


If you do not have an IDP, you may not drive in Taiwan until you have obtained a permanent Taiwan driver’s license. After your first 30 days in Taiwan, you must …


In Taiwan, take your IDP, passport, and one passport photograph to the nearest Vehicle Registration Department to apply for a ‘Driver’s Licence Visa’, which will …


To completely purge Taiwan from your computer, you need to delete the files, folders, and Windows registry keys, and registry values associated with Taiwan. These files, folders, and registry keys are respectively listed in the Files, Folders, Registry Keys, and Registry Values sections on this page.


Crown Relocations in Taiwan provides consistent and well-coordinated mobility services with a global network of over 200 locations in almost 60 countries.


How to prepare your house moving to Taiwan, organizing your furniture shipping in Taiwan.


Find out how to remove Taiwan from your PC. Manual and automatic Taiwan removal details provided. Free scan available. Get rid of Taiwan RIGHT NOW!!!


3807 Products – Taiwan Removal, Choose Quality Taiwan Removal Products from Large Database of Taiwan Removal Manufacturers, Taiwan Removal Suppliers …


Moving Taiwan Belgium ? Recieve up to 6 quotes from Removal companies for your move to or from Taiwan.


A mix of Taiwanese (Minnan), Mandarin, Hakka and other Asian languages are spoken on the island, as well as several aboriginal Austronesian languages. Mandarin is the lingua franca, but Taiwanese is spoken as the primary language by some 70% of the population. In the North where there is a large concentration of so-called “mainlanders” (those whose families came to Taiwan from mainland China in the 1940s as refugees of the Chinese Civil War), most people speak Mandarin as their primary language (although Taiwanese is spoken in abundance), but in the South of the island, Taiwanese is far more common. Mandarin, Taiwanese and Hakka are all tonal languages, which make them difficult for most foreigners to master. On the Matsu islands, the dominant Chinese dialect is Mindong or Eastern Min (also known as Hokchiu or Foochowese), which is also spoken in the area around Fuzhou and the coastal areas of northern Fujian.


ICDF “Workshop on Taiwan’s Media Development” – Foreign Members Visited Taiwan to Understand the Taiwan Communication Regulatory Policies …


Communications information about Taiwan. … Taiwan’s Communications | Taiwan Communications. Advertisement. Select a country, Afghanistan, Albania …


Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC) is one of the leading multi-system cable operators in Taiwan. Established in 1999, TBC’s franchise areas include …


Taiwan Communications News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Taiwan Communications From The Los Angeles Times.


Dan Rutz, a communications specialist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gave presentations on crisis and risk communication at venues …


Situated on the foot of Da-yuan Mountain, YilanShangrila Leisure Farming is about two hundred and fifty meters in altitude and within a temperate weather condition in four seasons. It is another good choice forTaiwan travel. Surrounded by hills and mountains, the farming offers a perfect site forvisitors to overlook the valleys, rivers, plains, farms, islands, and ocean. The farming boasts an excellent site for visiting natural ecology, such as Taiwanese macaques, tree frogs, firebugs, butterfly and a variety of plants, inducingvisitors with magnificent views and diverse creatures. In order to let visitors experience more folk activities, YilanShangrilaLeisure Farming organizes some interesting plans for them. For instance, the lantern activity, the whirligig activity, the matzo ball activity, several DIY activities, and so on are the most popular activities.


Taipei has excellent dining and entertainment facilities, and a lively night life. There are many restaurants serving food from every region of China and from …


Shangrila Leisure Farming is situated on the foot of Da-yuan Mountain, Yilan County, Shangrila Leisure Farming is about 250 meters in altitude and within a …


Taiwan Leisure Tips, Attractions Information for Expatriates, All Information related to Attractions Places & Tours.


Taiwan Sports Recreation & Leisure Show is a leading show in the leisure industry and an excellent exhibition to find out more about sporting goods and …


Shangrila Leisure Farm, Yilan: See 13 traveler reviews, 25 candid photos, and great deals for Shangrila Leisure Farm, ranked #9 of 26 specialty lodging in Yilan …


Have you any advice or information you want to share with us about life in Taiwan? If you cannot find appropriate category to post your message, please leave it here!


Here is the sub-category list of Taiwan & China Miscellaneous Manufacturers & Suppliers. Provides comprehensive information on export industry. All qualify …


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Yoka Taiwan Miscellaneous. Note: These figures were not found in the Yoka Taiwan series. They were sold separately. Revelator White 2011. Revelator Red …


Nantou, Taiwan Picture: Miscellaneous – Check out TripAdvisor members’ 3456 candid photos and videos.


Comprehensive information site about ball room dancing, dancesport, competitive dances in greater China, covering Hong Kong, China and Taiwan is available …

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