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Guide website for Pakistan


Pakistan is one of those few countries in the world which has every kind of geological structure. It has the sea, desert (Sindh & Punjab), green mountains (North West Province), dry mountains (Balochistan), mountains covered with ice, rivers, rich land to cultivate (Punjab & Sindh), water resources, water falls, forests etc. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan contain the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush. Pakistan’s highest point is K2, at 8,611 meters, which is the second highest peak in the world. The Punjab province is a flat, alluvial plain whose rivers eventually join the Indus River and flow south to the Arabian Sea. Sindh lies between the Thar Desert the Rann of Kutch to the east, and the Kirthar range to the west. The Balochistan Plateau is arid and surrounded by dry mountains. Pakistan experiences frequent earthquakes, occasionally severe, especially in north and west.


Pakistan Guides was founded in 1990. Our team is headed by Mr. Kaiser Khan and served by Professional Hunters like Shambi Khan, Raja Naeem, Iqbal, Siffat …


Mar 29, 2012 – Pakistan tourism and travel information including facts, maps, history, culture, transport and weather in Pakistan. Find popular places to visit in …


A guide to Pakistan with articles, photos, facts, videos, and news from National Geographic.


The nation created as a home for British India’s Muslims six decades ago today represents one of the world’s most troubling states in crisis. This interactive …


Pakistan is bordered by India on the east, the Arabian Sea on the south, Iran on the southwest, and Afghanistan on the west and north; in the northeast is the …


Pakistan [1] (Urdu:) is a a large country ( 1.5 times the size of France) in South Asia. Located along the Arabian Sea, it is surrounded by Afghanistan to the west and northwest, Iran to the southwest, India to the east, and China to the northeast. It is strategically located astride the ancient trade routes of the Khyber and Bolan passes between Asia and Europe.


The life in Pakistan guide will help you to settle down in Pakistan. The guide is written by expatriates in Pakistan, for people who would like to move to Pakistan. … GENERALITIES · general information …


Jul 13, 2011 – Posts about Glatering generalities written by questioneye. … Our most respected and loyal Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan …


Jul 23, 2011 – General Generalities…. In yet another set back in U.S.-Pakistani relations, the FBI has arrested an agent of Pakistan’s official state intelligence …


Thoughts On Pakistan. Author: B R Ambedkar Subject: GENERALITIES Publisher: Bombay Thacker And Company Limited Rampart Row Language: English …


Posts about Glittering Generalities written by Rush Limblog. … Posts Tagged ‘Glittering Generalities’ … palin pakistan guy asked question. · generation gap in …


The official name of Pakistan was used after the partition of (British) India into the 2 nation-states of India and Pakistan in 1947. However, the word Pakistan was first used by Ch. Rehmat Ali back in 1933 in his declaration, Now or Never – calling for its separation from the Empire. Afterwards, British-ruled India was divided into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (with two sections West and East) and India. A third war between these countries in 1971 resulted in East Pakistan seceding and becoming the separate nation of Bangladesh. A dispute over the state of Jammu and Kashmir is ongoing between India and Pakistan.


Nov 8, 2012 – DOHA – Pakistan has finalised the transnational formalities to import Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) from Qatar, and the gas will be initially provided …


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GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN’S FORMALITIES: (g) FINAL REGISTRATION OF CANDIDATES. After the visa endorsement, the file of the worker(s) is submitted …


Visa for Pakistan – Gandhara Trails : www.gandharatrails.com.


Selection Procedure. PERMISSION FROM THE PROTECTORATE OF EMIGRANTS: The documents received from the Employer, are submitted to the Protector …


The recruitment in Pakistan is carried out through a firm holding valid O.E.P. License. The Recruitment procedure is as follows: 01. PERMISSION On receipt of …


Almost all nationalities require visas. These are usually easier to obtain in your home country, though recently the individual missions around the world have been given more authority to issue visas without checking in with Islamabad, which should help in getting applications turned around quicker.


All visa applicants planning to apply for Pakistan visa after Wednesday, October 31, 2012 are advised to submit their visa applications via Gerry’s Application …


Pakistan Visa, India: Application, Requirements, Pakistani Visa Services by VisaHQ, India. Apply Online.


Pakistan Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Pakistan. Comprehensive Information on Pakistan Visa Requirements …


Pakistan Visa Application: Instructions for Tourist, Business, and Other Visa Types.


U.S. citizens require a valid passport and valid Pakistani visa to enter and exit Pakistan for any purpose. Visitors must obtain visas at a Pakistani Embassy or …


Many Pakistani companies are looking for Sales representatives and usually all manner of companies will be happy to speak to a well-dressed Westerner about business.

Many tourists are known to buy leather goods and other curios in Pakistan sell them in Goa India or somehow get them shipped back to the West.

Otherwise your best way of working is contact the numerous Aid agencies that work out of Peshawar, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


Inside our work in Pakistan. Men drive in a flooded street in Pakistan; IRC is rebuilding infrastructure · Men unload emergency supplies like food, hygiene kits …


Concern Worldwide has been working in Pakistan since 2001.


Floods affect millions. Plan is on the ground in Badin assisting thousands of families affected by flooding. The disaster comes just as some communities were …


EMPLOYMENT. USAID vacancies for the hiring of local staff are posted on the US Embassy website along with other US agencies vacancies. American and …


How to improve your chances: try to secure a job with an international company active in Pakistan and gain a secondment or posting once recruited.


Pakistani food mainly consists of various kinds of kababs eaten with either flatbread or rice. Food tends range from mild to spicy depending on where you are and who your cook is. So state your preference before beginning to eat. In general, most of the food that you find in the high end hotels is also available in the markets (but European-style food is generally reserved for the former).


Compare all Pakistan hotel deals at once. Up to 80% off. View maps, photos and guest reviews on 65 hotels in Pakistan. Best Price Guaranteed.


Pakistan Hotels on TripAdvisor: Find traveler reviews, candid photos, and prices for 94 hotels in Pakistan.


Pakistan accommodation guide. Details on Pakistani accommodation types including camping, caravanning and self-catering options, youth hostels and more.


Hotels Embassy of Pakistan. Browse through more than 0 Embassy of Pakistan hotels in Bangkok. Photos, descriptions, Reviews & maps. Save with our Price …


Book independently reviewed accommodation in Pakistan. Read 390 hotel reviews and book from 10 cheap hotels, hostels and B&Bs at Lonely Planet – Lonely …


As the second largest South Asian country after India, and one of the major actors in the politics of the Muslim world, the subject remains at the focal point of multidisciplinary studies.[3] Various universities in the United States and the United Kingdom have research groups busy in academic and research related activities on Pakistan Studies. One such example is the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, established since 1973. An affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies, the institute regularly holds events such as seminars, public lectures, and conferences on various topics related to the Pakistan Studies. It also offers annual international fellowships for the research on materials relating to the history and culture of Pakistan.[4] In April 2004, AIPS organised an international workshop on the Salt Range Culture Zone of Pakistan at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.[5] The event provided the international audience with an opportunity to understand the archaeological and architectural heritage of the country.


Pak study.com Forums: Discussing valuable information about; Admissions Notices / Latest Admissions /Universities in Pakistan, Education News, Carrier …


Welcome to the Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi.


6 days ago – The American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), established in 1973, is a non-profit, tax-exempt, non-partisan educational organization and a …


Welcome to Study in Pakistan. Working since 2003 for the development and up gradation of education sector in Pakistan. Our main focus is the influx of …


The Centre for the Study of Pakistan’s purposes are to: promote research and teaching in the study of Pakistan, both contemporary and historical, across a range …

Health care

Pakistan has endured several bomb attacks over the last few years against security forces, so called western institutions (e.g the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad) and has seen the public assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto upon her return from exile. Attacks typically increase when there is military action against the Taliban and the ordinary traveller should not venture into the tribal areas. It’s a fairly hospitable country but social protests tend to turn violent and political demonstrations are always sensitive. Before travelling you should check with your embassy about off-limits areas, the latest political and military developments and keep an close eye on current issues with independent news sources.


Support us & Help trying to Provide effective Health Care!


Pakistan Health Care has improved over the years impressively and both the private and the public sectors have played and still continue to play an important …


This module presents the small amount of information that is available related to health status and health care of elders from Pakistani backgrounds in the U.S. It …


Integrated Health Services (IHS Pakistan) is Pakistan’s leading health organization involved in health service delivery through establishing clinics, hospitals, …


Map. Pakistan This map is an approximation of actual country borders. … Total expenditure on health per capita (Intl $, 2010), 59 … Help and Services …


National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is one of the largest commercial bank operating in Pakistan. It has redefined its role and has moved from a public sector organisation into a modern commercial bank. While it continues to act as trustee of public funds and as the agent to the State Bank of Pakistan (in places where SBP does not have a presence) it has diversified its business portfolio and is today a major lead player in the debt equity market, corporate investment banking, retail and consumer banking, agricultural financing, treasury services and is showing growing interest in promoting and developing the country’s small and medium enterprises and at the same time fulfilling its social responsibilities, NBP headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan with over 1,280 branches country wide (in December 2012). The bank provides both commercial and public sector banking services. It has assets worth USD 12.293 billion in 2007.[1]


Pakistan’s Central Bank. Evolution, functions, and organization, and operation of monetary policy.


National Bank of Pakistan … Site designed and developed by Information Technology Group, National Bank of Pakistan. Copyright 2013 National Bank of …


Islamic commercial bank operating in Pakistan since 1991. The Bank currently has six branches in Pakistan while its head office is in Bahrain.


State Bank of Pakistan requires all banks to maintain an attested copy of all Pakistani national customers’ CNICs. For account(s) opened under the category …


Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA) represents the Pakistan Banking Industry. Established in 1953, its main objective is to coordinate the efforts of the banking …


The government is seriously indebted — and only 1.9 million people in a country of 170 million filed tax returns at all in 2010. An estimated 10 million people are registered to pay taxes in Pakistan; the great majority don’t pay a rupee. Some tax officials have resorted to employing transgendered people to “shame” delinquent tax evaders into settling bills.


Federal Tax Ombudsman … Sales Tax-cum-Federal Excise Return …. D-2039/2011 M/S STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN VS. DY.


The Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) has lambasted its government’s new tax regime, saying it will “adversely affect” the country’s …


Dec 12, 2012 – Majority of ministers have not paid into national coffers beyond contribution taken from state salaries, alleges tax report.


MOBILIZATION MEASURES &. CURRENT TAX ISSUES. By. Shahid Hussain Asad. Member (Inland Revenue). Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad. Pakistan …


3 days ago – A volatile week sees Alang dominate subcontinent’s demolition deals.


A large portion of travel between cities in Pakistan is carried out by bus. Travelling between Karachi and any of the country’s other major cities by bus may take days, travel by bus is often the cheapest and most convenient alternative. The Dae-Woo company runs a regular bus service between several major cities, with air-conditioned buses and seats booked one day ahead. While rather unexpensive, they are still almost five times as expensive as the cheap and uncomplicated rides offered by minibuses or larger buses between the major bus stations of the cities. Fares are often (though not always) paid directly on the bus, there is no aircondition, and sometimes very little knee space, but you get where you are going all the same, and I have never met with anything but kind interest and friendly conversation on my many rides. Buses leave almost incessantly from the major bus stations for all the major cities, and many smaller locations, so booking ahead is neither possible nor necessary on the simpler buses. When travelling between major cities, smaller buses are to be preferred over the larger ones, as the larger ones tend to take up passagers along the way, and therefore travel more slowly.


Pakistan Transport Sector. Pakistan, with 155 million people, has a reasonably developed transport infrastructure. Road transport is the backbone of Pakistan’s …

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by M Imran – 2009 – Cited by 7 – Related articles

Urban transport problems in Pakistan are managed by building larger and … transport policy in Pakistan from the British India period through to recent years.


Flag of Pakistan. Pakistan Transports Profil 2012. Accueil > Pakistan. Chemins de fer. total: 7,791 km broad gauge: 7,479 km 1.676-m gauge (293 km electrified) …


Pakistan Transportation: 166 tips on getting to and getting around Pakistan from real travelers and locals.


Transportation in Pakistan is extensive and varied but still in its developing stages and serving a population of over 170 million …

Driver’s licence

driver’s license/licence or driving licence is an official document which states that a person may operate a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle, car, truck or a bus, on a public roadway. The laws relating to the licensing of drivers vary between jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, a license is issued after the recipient has passed a driving test, while in others, a person acquires a license before beginning to drive. Different categories of license often exist for different types of motor vehicles, particularly large trucks and passenger vehicles. The difficulty of the driving test varies considerably between jurisdictions, as do factors such as age and the required level of practice.


You are also required to take a Theory Test which you must pass before you apply for your Practical Test in order to obtain your Full Driver’s Licenses you must …


Nov 4, 2009 – During a 26 October 2009 telephone interview, an official at the High Commission of Pakistan in Ottawa stated that in Pakistan, driver’s licenses …


International driver’s license, international driver license, international driver permit The International Driver’s document issued by the International Automobile …


21 posts – 6 authors – 29 Jun 2011

Can some body guide me about the driving license for Melbourne. Should I get it from Pakistan or get it make in Melbourne? If I get my license …


[edit] Synonyms. (Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malta, Pakistan, UK): driving licence; (Australia, Canada, New Zealand): driver’s licence …


The CIA withdrew the Station Chief from Pakistan after his cover was blown[3] in a legal action brought by relatives of a victim killed in a drone attack on 31 December 2009,[1] for which the Station Chief was accused of being responsible.[3] The CIA, in a rare move,[3] recalled the Station Chief, citing “security concerns” and concerns about his safety.[4] Neither the CIA nor the US Federal administration officially recognise Station Chiefs, but they are acknowledged to exist by intelligence organizations.


Jan 15, 2013 – LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday issued directives to remove the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman …


7 days ago – Misbah, who leads Pakistan in Test and one-day cricket, has come under fire after the team was outclassed in all three Tests in South Africa.


Dr. Farah’s Skin Laser & Liposuction Centre Lahore, Pakistan (SLLC) providing laser hair removal services, unwanted facial hair, body hair, arms hair, Laser …


Sections. 1. Short title and extent. 2. Amendment of section 1 of Act XXI of 1850. THE CASTE DISABILITIES REMOVAL ( WEST PAKISTAN AMENDMENT) ACT, …


On December 16 2010, a former CIA Station Chief in Islamabad was evacuated from Pakistan. The CIA withdrew the Station Chief from Pakistan after his cover …


The survey found that in Pakistan the mobile sector was most active, followed by broadband; while the fixed-line sector remained somewhat static. The parameters that improved compared to the 2006 survey were: interconnection, tariff regulation, regulation of anti-competitive practices, and universal service obligation in the mobile sector; and market entry, interconnection, regulation of anti-competitive practices and universal service obligation in the fixed sector. Market entry received a low score in the mobile sector due to the perception that the cost of a new or renewal mobile license was prohibitive, thus posing a serious barrier to entry. However, this conclusion may have been incorrect, as the license fee, at least in the case of renewal by Mobilink GSM, was paid in installments over a period of three years. Thus, lack of complete information on the part of survey participants may have skewed the results.


Ministry of Communication. Home. About Us ». News/Highlights. Policies. Publications. Picture Gallery ». Organizations. Contact Us ». Feedback. Introduction …


15 posts – 4 authors – 3 Jun 2010

Pakistan’s media and telecom revolution that began during the Musharaf years is continuing unabated. In addition to financial services, the two …


Communications information about Pakistan. … Pakistan’s Communications | Pakistan Communications. Advertisement. Select a country, Afghanistan, Albania …


Jul 8, 2005 – Pakistan’s international voice and data links are restored after an underwater fibre cable is repaired.


With many industry “firsts” to its credit, Brainchild is considered to be the leader in communication services. We started our operations in 1997 as Pakistan’s first …


Leisure tours in the High Mountains of Pakistan will take you some of the places of scenic beauty. For all those who want to spend some quiet moments amid the tranquil nature, leisure tours in Pakistan comprise an important part of Pakistan tours for them. Tours in the High Mountains of Pakistan is an integral part of the leisure tours in Pakistan. Spend some quiet moments at Baltistan province of Pakistan with leisure tours in the High Mountains of Pakistan.


DUNK: Deposit them in collection bins at any Leisure Club store across Pakistan. SMS MOP to 9900 for the drop point nearest you. … 3. DELIVERED: Your …


… Search Terms · Advanced Search · Orders and Returns · Contact Us. Newsletter Sign-up: © 2011 Leisure Club. All Rights Reserved. Designed and developed …


Pakistan Leisure Wearings Suppliers, Choose Quality Pakistan Leisure Wearings Suppliers from Large Database of Pakistan Leisure Wearings Suppliers.


travel.mapsofworld.com provides online information regarding Leisure tours in the High Mountains and beaches of Pakistan.


What are some leisure time activities in Australia? Answer . sports like cricket, soccer,rugby union, rugby league, touch football, tennis, Australian rules football, …


Paperpk has complete archive of Miscellaneous Jobs since 3 years . All recent jobs in Miscellaneous are updated daily from famous newspapers like jang, dawn and Express. Miscellaneous Jobs and Miscellaneous careers for literate , illiterate , students , part time workers , manager , labour and online jobs. Latest and updated Miscellaneous Jobs and all other surrounding area job ads at one place for free any time on out jobs website by paperpk.com/blog


Paperpk has complete archive of Miscellaneous Jobs since 3 years . All recent jobs in Miscellaneous are updated daily from famous newspapers like jang, dawn …


(1) The National language of Pakistan is Urdu, and arrangements shall be made for its being used for official and other purposes within fifteen years from the …


Nov 28, 2012 – Inspiring Video Messages to Muslims of Pakistan. 29th November 2012. 1 1. Malala Yousafzai, Miscellaneous, Pakistan, Shari’ah …


Bayefsky.com emcompasses the full range of data concerning the application of the UN human rights treaty system by its monitoring treaty bodies since their …


Mainly Islamabad, with shots of Baluchistan from the air.

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