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Latvia (Latvija) [1] is a European state which is situated on the coast of Baltic Sea. One of the three Baltic states, Latvia is bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, Belarus on the south east, and the Baltic Sea on the west. The most famous travel spot is the capital Riga, a World Heritage Site. There are also many other great places to see, both urban and rural, such as Liepaja with its unique former secret military town of Karosta and a magnificent beach. Kuldiga with Europe`s widest waterfall and Cesis with its medieval castle ruins are also interesting. Tourists can also enjoy the wild beauty of Latvia’s unspoilt sea coast, which is 500 km long and consists mainly of white, soft sandy beaches. Forests, which cover approximately a half of Latvia’s territory, offer many nature trails and nature parks.


Latvia tourism and travel information including facts, maps, history, culture, transport and weather in Latvia. Find popular places to visit in Latvia …


Riga – As we write these words in late March, snow and ice still shrouds much of Riga and the mercury hasn’t crept above 0°C in months, so it’s difficult to paint …


Latvia travel guide including detailed destination guides to Latvia cities, beaches, ski resorts, cruise ports and airports. Up to date and written by experts.\


A guide to Latvia with articles, photos, facts, videos, and news from National Geographic.


A comprehensive site about Latvia’s travel industry. Hotels, car rentals, business, travel agencies, tour guides, maps, dating, lifestyle and more about Latvia.


Latvia is a famous ancient trading point. The famous route from the Vikings to the Greeks’ mentioned in ancient chronicles stretched from Scandinavia through Latvian territory along the river Daugava to the Kievan Rus and Byzantine Empire. Across the European continent, Latvia’s coast was known as a place for obtaining amber. In the Middle Ages amber was more valuable than gold in many places. Latvian amber was known in places as far away as Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In the 12th century, German traders arrived, bringing with them missionaries who attempted to convert the pagan Finno-Ugric and Baltic tribes to the Christian faith. The Germans founded Ri-ga in 1201, establishing it as the largest and most powerful city on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. After independence in 1918, Latvia achieved considerable results in social development, economy, industry and agriculture. It has always been a multicultural melting point, where foreigners and locals worked together and brought prosperity to the country. On June 16, 1940, Vyacheslav Molotov presented the Latvian representative in Moscow with an ultimatum accusing Latvia of violations of that pact, and on June 17 Soviet forces occupied the country. Elections for a “People’s Saeima” were held, and a puppet government headed by Augusts Kirhenšteins led Latvia into the USSR. The annexation was formalized on August 5, 1940. During the time of the Iron Curtain, Latvia was a province of the Soviet Union, but the concentration of heavy industry was enormous. Contacts with the West were regulated. The Baltic region had the reputation of being the most urbanized and having the highest literacy rate in the Soviet Union. Latvia gained independence on September 6, 1991. Between 1991 and 2007 the country saw unprecedented economic growth. However, the global recession and the banking crisis hit Latvia brutally, and severe economic contraction and destructively high unemployment have returned.


General information about Latvia: capital, currency, official language, climate…All you need to know about Latvia.


The life in Latvia guide will help you to settle down in Latvia. The guide is written by expatriates in Latvia, for people who would like to move to … GENERALITIES …


Its aim is to support and to stimulate the development of mathematical sciences and mathematical education in Latvia. LMS is a creative non-profit organisation …


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Evoluz Translation Services offers professional Latvian translation services for English to Latvian and … Generalities, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography …


Half of Latvia is covered with forests which are rich with wildlife. There are many lakes, especially if you go to Latgale region. There are deep river valleys with some sections having sand cliffs on their banks. Heavy industry halted a long time ago, so most places are ecologically clean.


We give you the opportunity to write anything you like about your experience in Latvia. Formalities, visa procedures, food, shopping, night life, it’s up to you!


What do I need to enter in Latvia? Do I need a passport, a visa, a valid ID? Information about formalities in Latvia.


In a short period of time we arrange documents and formalities so you can stay and work in Latvia as quickly as possible and obtain all rights in the country.


EUROPA · Your Europe · Citizens · Work & Retirement … Conditions & formalities – self-employed; Latvia. Home · Travel · Work & Retirement …


European Commission – Parental responsibility – Latvia. … parental responsibility, which formalities must be respected to make the agreement …


There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented this treaty – the European Union (except Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty. But be careful: not all EU members have signed the Schengen treaty, and not all Schengen members are part of the European Union. This means that there may be spot customs checks but no immigration checks (travelling within Schengen but to/from a non-EU country) or you may have to clear immigration but not customs (travelling within the EU but to/from a non-Schengen country).


Citizens of third countries who are residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland and would like to travel to Latvia can submit Schengen visa applications at …


On December 21, 2007 Latvia, along with the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia, joined the Schengen …


Latvia Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Latvia. Comprehensive Information on Latvia Visa Requirements – Apply …


Latvia Visa, United Kingdom: Application, Requirements, Latvian Visa Services by VisaHQ Ltd, London, UK. Apply Online.


Comprehensive information on visa and travel agencies, visa legalization process, airport transit visa.


Not impossible (especially if you are an EU citizen), but you have to find a company which will be willing to pay a 35 LVL fee per month, work permit up to 170 LVL (once) and an additional fee for checking your documents of education 47.20 LVL (once). Salary should not be less than 246 LVL per month.


CV-Online is the place to find better career opportunities in all Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Temporary And Seasonal Work In Latvia. See Fast Facts On Living And Working In Latvia · Voluntary Job Opportunities In Latvia Include work with children, …


Visas and invitations. Back Print. VISA AND WORK PERMIT. Short-term entry and residence on grounds of employment. If foreigner’s employment is related with …


Entry, Visas, Residence and Work Permits. divide. A Schengen Visa Residence and Work Permits for Researchers and Students Procedures …


ID, Nosaukums, Uzn,e-mums, Publice-ts. 1. Tirdznieci-bas centru vadi-ta-js/-a, I-Work klients, 15.04.2013. 2. Persona-la atlases un apma-ci-bu specia-lists/-e, I-Work …


The country offers plenty of varieties of bread, milk products, ice cream, sweets (loose sweets, made by Laima) etc. In the open air markets of Riga, Liepaja and other cities and towns, the local fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are a great option, such as freshly picked wild strawberries or blueberries from the forests, or some big strawberries, apples, rhubarb pie and a crunch made of fresh stalks straight from the garden. This is, of course, available mainly in summer and autumn season.


Latvia offers a broad range of overnight accommodation. For those who value comfort and high quality, luxury hotels are available in Riga and other Latvian …


Latvia Accommodation: Find 10956 traveller reviews and 39 candid photos for 207 Latvia Hotels on TripAdvisor.


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Accommodation. Internationally recognized bachelor, master, PhD and professional study programs, undergraduate and graduate research, …


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Placed in North Eastern Europe, by the Baltic Sea, Latvia has always been a multi-ethnic country and rich in different cultural and education traditions and sees its role as a bridge between the East and the West. The higher education institutions in Latvia are members of international cooperation within many different fields of study.

The key tourist attractions are concentrated in Riga, the Latvian capital. In the Old Town of Riga you can enjoy middle age architecture such as the Riga castle, the Dome and the House of Blackheads. Latvia can also offer beautiful national parks and historical heritage remains outside of the capital city.


SCHOLARSHIPS. Scholarships to foreign students and teaching staff for studies, research work and participation in summer schools in Latvia. Read more here!


Study in Latvia and enjoy the great mixture of a beautiful landscape with lakes, rivers and rolling hills, and a rich intellectual and cultural atmosphere.

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You now have an oopportunity to study in a new European Union country at relatively low costs. Latvia is an increasingly popular destination for students from …

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Capital: Ri-ga. Population: 2.26 million (July 2007 est.) Population growth rate: -0.648% (2007 est.) Total area: 64,589 km2. Languages: Latvian (native, official …

www.local-life.com › Riga › Articles

Its me kamal subedi from Nepal and i want to study in Latvia as course of business management. Hope that replay Whats are the Requirement of student of …

Health care

There is no problem turning to any doctor or hospital to seek medical help, just by paying an outside patient fee. However, it can prove difficult to obtain medical assistance in many rural areas, as the service can be slow and unresponsive; therefore, it may be a good idea to bring your own first aid kit. There are virtually no air ambulance helicopters in the country, except for the army, so when exploring sparsely-inhabited, remote areas on your own, it’s important to be well-prepared for emergency situations. If you get to a doctor, he/she will probably only speak Latvian and Russian.


The classification of health care in Latvia suggests the following: Primary health care – the first stage of interaction or contact between patients …

www.europe-cities.com › Latvia

Latvia has a low standard of compulsory state funded healthcare. Many public health buildings need refurbishment, reconstruction and more advanced …


Healthcare. The Latvian healthcare sector has recently undergone structural reform combining smaller hospitals into bigger healthcare centers to provide more …


International Health and Medical Insurance for international citizens traveling and living in Latvia. Contact us today for free quotes.


With rising confidence in financial stability and the green shoots of economic recovery, Latvia, the centrefold of the three Baltic States appears to be a rising star.


In early April, Rietumu Bank launched its website in Chinese. Thus, Chinese has become the sixth language in which information about the bank’s financial services and current news can be obtained.

In recent years, Asia and China have become important regions where Rietumu Bank, which traditionally services international trade operations and high profile customers, has focused its attention.


Latvijas Banka – valsts centra-la- banka – ir neatkari-ga iesta-de, kas nosaka un i-steno moneta-ro politiku, pa-rvalda a-rvalstu valu-tas un zelta rezerves, emite- skaidro …


A European bank for private and corporate banking, accounts, credit cards, brokerage, real estate and emerging market investments. One of the largest bank in …


deposits,payments,remote access to bank account,currency exchange,open account in Latvia.


DNB banka is one of the top universal banks in Latvia in terms of assets, deposits, loans, and loan portfolio volumes. We provide competitive financial solutions …


Best source of information about Latvian banks, latvian bank legislation, latvian bank products and services. News. Reports. Analyses. Articles. Interviews.


The Law On Personal Income Tax and the relevant Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers govern the charge to personal income tax. Natural persons are subject to the tax on their income. The rate of income tax rate depends on the nature of the income: the rate on capital gains is 15%, the rate on other income from capital – 10%, and on other income – 25%.


Tax Conventions · Corporate Income Tax · Mandatory State Social Insurance Contributions · Tax Rates in the Republic of Latvia · Declartion of …


Basic data on Latvia’s income tax rates tax laws v.a.t. Latvia’s overview of economy main economic indicators GDP inflation rates unemployment. Tax treaties …


Tax system in Latvia. The Ministry of Finance shall develop state tax and customs policy, as well as prepare recommendations for institutions responsible for tax …


EUROPA – Information from state institutions regarding legal requirements and administrative procedures to be complied with when paying tax. You will also find …


Government promises a more stable tax system. About tax system, in brief: * in 2011 the tax burden (tax income against GDP) reached 28,1% of GDP in Latvia, …


It is advised to cycle around Riga in the early morning when there is less traffic, although one should be careful when choosing this time due to reduced drivers attention. Expect heavy traffic from 5 PM to 8 PM. No left turn allowed from middle line. However, it is highly advised to choose by-ways and less densely populated roads due to hazardous traffic. It is vitally important to wear reflectors; reflective belts, bands and bright coloured clothing are advised, as well as having the bike equipped with strong front and rear lights. Generally, cycling is still not very safe in the country, especially during the dark hours. The only “real” bicycle path is existing from the old town of Riga to the Sea resort of Jurmala. But the country is fast developing local cycling routes. The international bicycle project BaltiCCycle [26] may provide you with a lot of information and help.


Latvia Expat Info Center Guide – Latvia General Information provides Expatriates with the Latvia Transport, Railways, Highways, Ports, Airports etc.


Strategy of the Ministry of Transport Transport sector includes railways, road traffic, maritime and aviation, as well as, passenger carriage and transit branches.


Gives overall information about transport system of Latvia, corridor crossings, ports, railway, pipelines, airports and roads. Most recent cargo turnover statistics.

www.transport-research.info › Home › Country profiles

Background. The objectives of research policy are defined in the Guidelines for Development of Science and Technology for 2009–2013. Other important …


Do you need to take a train, a bus, a plane, or rent a car in Latvia? Find out more about transportation means in Latvia.

Driver’s licence

The European driving licence is a driving licence replacing the many driving licence styles already in use in the member states of the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) . It has the credit card-style with a photograph and possibly a microchip. They were introduced to replace the 110 different plastic and paper driving licences of the 300 million drivers in the EEA. The main objective of the licence is to decrease the risk of fraud.


A foreign driver may drive a vehicle in Latvia, when in possession of: – driver’s licence issued in EU Member State or in EFTA country; – driver’s licence where …

riga.usembassy.gov › US Citizens Services › Information about Latvia

Tourists and other short term visitors holding valid U.S. Driver’s Licenses may drive in Latvia. Often they do not need to be in possesion of International Driving …


Latvia. Participant of Eucaris since 1996, providing vehicle and driving licence information. Organization: CSDD. Responsible manager: Mr. Eriks Piternieks …


U.S. citizens resident in Latvia for more than six months are required to apply for a Latvian driver’s license. Upon receipt of a Latvian driver’s license, U.S. citizens …


In Latvia, class B driving licenses are for vehicles with seats for up to eight passengers and a maximum weight of 3,500kg (includes pulling a trailer where the …


Tattooing is done by injecting colored pigments into skin. Once tattoo pigments are injected in skin they usually become permanent. The majority of tattoos are created by professionals at tattoo salons or parlors. At the same time, many tattoos are applied by amateurs with the help of India ink and a needle or a toothbrush. Besides the obvious reasons of removing tattoos for career enhancement, there are aesthetic reasons why many people elect to remove tattoos. As skin ages, tattoos tend to fade and deform. A tattoo that once was shown with pride may lose its attractiveness and, in some cases, even become an embarrassment The amount of time it takes to remove your tattoo will depend largely on how your tattoo was applied. If you have a newer tattoo or one that has been retraced, it will most probably be more difficult to remove because the pigment will be denser than an older tattoo.

immersivemedical.com › … › Skin Procedures › tattoo removal

Your Health Portal – find Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery information. find tattoo removal in Latvia (LV) information. locate Latvia (LV) tattoo removal service providers.


How to prepare your house moving to Latvia, organizing your furniture shipping in Latvia.


Moving Latvia Switzerland ? Recieve up to 6 quotes from Removal companies for your move to or from Latvia.


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Here you can find a list of surgeons and clinics in Latvia that specialize in Tattoo removal. To get detailed information about the surgeon/clinic, click on their …


Latvian’ (Latviešu valoda) is the only official language and belongs to the Baltic language group of Indo-European languages and its only closest relative is Lithuanian, but it is very different anyway, so most likely Latvian will sound completely foreign for you and it is hard to guess what written words mean, even if Latvian uses Latin alphabet, just like English. However, some words are borrowed from other languages and it is not hard to understand that Restorans means Restaurant, but what about Veikals? It means Shop. The language has complicated grammar, the most complex being usage of verb prefixes and suffixes, which can change the meaning completely, as well as many kinds of participles majority of which do not have equivalent in English.


Latvia Communications 2013, CIA World Factbook.


Latvia Communications 2012, CIA World Factbook.


Latvia Basic Information and Country Profile Latvia in the Wikipedia Latvian history, politics, map, geography, economy, demography, full …


To elaborate and implement the state policy of Latvia in the fields of transport and communications: To maintain and develop an effective, safe, competetive, …


general assessment: recent efforts focused on bringing competition to the telecommunications sector; the number of fixed lines is decreasing as mobile-cellular …


If you are among those who love to spend their leisure time actively, in Latvia you will never feel bored. Here you can find adventure parks, horse riding, sailing, sport activities, orienteering, skydiving and even such entertainment as flying in the vertical wind tunnel that is not found anywhere else but only in Latvia!


For active recreation Latvia offers wide range of sly ideas for wind and water sports, unique adventure parks, as well as traditional leisure activities.


DMC Baltic Travel solutions offers for your leisure: Classical Baltic roundtrips;; Special interest tours – Cultural, Architectural, Historical;; Technical visits;; Spa …


View Latvia – leisure, travel & tourism on Linkedin.See recent hires and promotions, competitors and how you’re connected to the companies.


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Arena Riga, Riga, Skating Concert Hall, Stadium Parking. Bowlero Centrs, Riga, Bowling, Free wireless internet connection. Parking. Domina Shopping centre …


In 1995 the courts were trusted by some 50% of the residents of Latvia, where by November 1997 that figure had been reduced to 32.5%.

Mixed marriages were extremely common, every third marriage overall and every fifth marriage involving a Latvian was mixed (data from 1995).

In November 1998 a representative of the party block “Tevzemej un Brivibaj/LNNK” (Fatherland and Freedom) was elected to be the Chairman of Latvia’s Parliament. TB/LNNK is a strongly nationalist party, often blocking all initiatives towards normalization of the situation with national minorities. It actively and consistently conducts a policy of strengthening discrimination of “aliens”.


Miscellaneous: What else can be found about languages and minorities? In 1995 the courts were trusted by some 50% of the residents of Latvia, where by …


hi,I´m looking for someone who lives in Latvia.I want to rent a small apartment or a flat,can someone help me and tell me how to do that.I want to rent a small …


Latvia Miscellaneous News Topics; Specialized News Sections on Latvia Miscellaneous.


Latvia Miscellaneous News Topics; Specialized News Sections on Latvia Miscellaneous.


Aerodium, Sigulda, Outdoor Family Extreme, Free flight. Avoti Recreation Compex, LV 4219, Outdoor Indoor Family, Excursion. Catapult, Sigulda, Outdoor …

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