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Thailand promotes itself as amazing, Vietnam can well be described as bustling, Cambodia’s Khmer temples are awe-inspiring, Myanmar’s junta is barbaric… but the adjective most often applied to Laos is forgotten. Although there are a few grand (but relatively unheard of) attractions, those visitors who are drawn by the laid-back lifestyle and the opportunity to watch the sunsets on the Mekong will simply explain the attraction by revealing that the true meaning of “Lao PDR” is Lao – Please Don’t Rush.


Laos tourism and travel information including facts, maps, history, culture, transport and weather in Laos. Find popular places to visit in Laos …


A Guide to Travel and living in Laos, everything you could want to know about Laos, accommodation, transportation, restaurants and things to do and see and …


On the opposite side of the border from Mo Han lies the Laotian village of Ban Boten. Assuming you’ve already obtained a visa from the Laotian consulate in.


Laos Travel Guide including planning advice, tips, itineraries, when to go, history, festivals, eating and drinking.


Read Condé Nast Traveller’s free travel guide with information about where to visit, where to eat, where to stay and what to do in Laos, South-east Asia.


Laos is squeezed between vastly larger neighbours. First created as an entity in 1353, when warlord Fa Ngum declared himself the king of Lane Xang (“Million Elephants”), the kingdom was initially a Khmer vassal state. After a succession dispute, the kingdom split in three in 1694 and was eventually devoured piece by piece by the Siamese, the last fragments agreeing to Siamese protection in 1885.


Luang Prabang is definitely the gastronomic capital of Laos. Historically, the town has always been rich in the arts, especially table arts. The (…)


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Picture of Generality in Laos,any kind of art decorated in buddhist church,temple.. stock photo, images and stock photography.. Image 17219038.


Generalities. Historic Landmarks. At the beginning of the bronze age, the tribes of Viets settled in the Northern and until the north of the Central of Vietnam with …


Asia – Laos 1 … general, generality; schwa to short, add -ity. apply, application; long to short, replace y with i,add -cation. certify, certification …


Lao custom dictates that women must wear the distinctive phaa sin, a long sarong available in many regional patterns; however, many ethnic minorities have their own clothing styles. The conical Vietnamese-style hat is also a common sight. These days men dress Western-style and only don the phaa biang sash on ceremonial occasions. Nowadays women often wear Western-style clothing, though the “phaa sin” is still the mandatory attire in government offices (not only for those who work there, but also for Lao women just visiting).


PASSPORT AND VISA At least 6 month valid passport is accepted prior entering Laos. Visa.


Laos is not a difficult country to access but there are, nevertheless, certain formalities that have to be observed and these may vary from border to border.


Formalities for entering the country used to be long, difficult, expensive and restrictive. They’ve become much more flexible these last few (…)


Entry visas are obtainable at Lao Embassies or Consulate and required for all visitors with valid passports irrespective of nationality.


Make sure you complete all immigration and customs requirements when you enter or depart Laos. If you enter Laos without completing these formalities, you …


Russians, Korean, Japanese, Swiss and ASEAN nationals including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines can enter Laos “visa free” [2]; all other tourists need a visa in the form of a tourist visa (for one or possibly two months) issued by a Lao embassy or consulate. A visa on arrival is also available to most people entering at the airports in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse, as well as the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge between Nong Khai in Thailand and Vientiane and on the Lao/vietnam-Border. It is also available when entering via Stung Treng (Cambodia), although guesthouses in Cambodia and the Lao embassy in Phnom Phen will tell it is not to make money with visa services. When applying for a tourist visa or to obtain a visa on arrival, one (maybe two at Lao embassies) passport photo is required (although you may be able to pay a US$1 “fee” to have this requirement waived).


Tourist Visa for Laos – Get it from Lao embassies or on arrival, Visa on Arrival, at Laos International airports or at Laos border crossing points. How to get it, what …


You can get a visa on arrival in Laos if you are traveling for tourism, have two … If you obtain a visa from a Lao embassy or consulate prior to your travel to Laos, …


Laos Visa – Visa to Laos – Apply Laos Visa Online fast & easy. … Laos Visa. The list of countries which are extempt from Laos visa …


This is the official website for Lao Embassy to Australia and New Zealand.


Laos Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Laos. Comprehensive Information on Laos Visa Requirements – Apply Now.


Lao work permits are difficult to obtain, unless you can secure employment with one of the numerous NGOs. English teaching is possible but poorly paid (US$5-8/hour).

One of the most interesting ways to get to know a country, and which has become increasingly popular, is to volunteer. One organisation that offers volunteer work in Laos is Travel to Teach [12]


The Laos-China High-speed Railway Construction Project, Savannakhet-Laobao Railway Construction Project and Xayyabouli Hydropower Construction …


In a dusty gorge in Laos, work is underway on a project that could change south east Asia forever.


Work in Laos, information on working holidays, volunteering opportunities abroad and study overseas – Lonely Planet.


Are you looking for a job in Laos? Our directory on jobs & working opportunities in Laos has organizations offering 7 job programs.


Living and Working in Laos. PanAust employs a multicultural team in Laos, comprising Lao nationals and expatriates from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, …


Lao cuisine is very similar to the food eaten in the north-eastern Isaan region of Thailand: very spicy, more often bitter than sweet, and using lots of fresh herbs and vegetables served raw. Some of the raw vegetables can be used to cool your mouth when the chilis are overwhelming.


Laos Accommodation: Find 18294 traveler reviews and 167 candid photos for 193 Laos Hotels on TripAdvisor.


An introduction to guesthouse and hotel accommodation in Laos. Includes suggestions on what you should expect for your money.


Follow the Laotian saying and ‘slow the pace right down’; you will create the perfect holiday with your Laos accommodation. Image Attribution: piterpan under …


Laos accommodation comes in the form hotels, guest houses, apartment, service apartment and house rental. There are all sort of accommodations to suit every …


Accommodation guide to Laos, Southeast Asia: Guesthouses, backpacker hostels & a wide range of cheap hotels in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng …


The study of Laos and the Lao has grown significantly over the past decade. With the opening up of some historical and manuscript archives, the improvement of communication and transportation, and the launching of joint Lao-foreign research projects, Laos has attracted a number of new scholars in diverse fields of expertise. The Journal of Lao Studies (JLS), published by the Center for Lao Studies, is an exciting new scholarly project which is expected to become the first and most prestigious venue in the many disciplines under the umbrella of “Lao Studies.”


The Fourth International Conference on Lao Studies Ian Baird, Ph.D. Center for …


The Journal of Lao Studies (JLS), published by the Center for Lao Studies, …


Find Center for Lao Studies on Facebook Find Center for Lao Studies on …


About Us. The Laotian Studies course is one of the newest one in this university. TUFS is the only university in Japan where Lao is officially taught, and one of a …


Lao Study Review Volume 3 (1998-99) **NEW**. CONTENTS After the Sixth Party Congress (Martin Stuart-Fox) Australia’s Bilateral relations with Laos (James …

Health care

Parts of Laos have a good deal of Malaria so anti-malarials are recommended if visiting those areas for an extended period, but check with health professionals: there are many high incidence of drug-resistant parasites around Laos. Other mosquito-born diseases, such as dengue, can be life-threatening, so make sure you bring at least 25% DEET insect repellent and ensure that you sleep with mosquito protection like nets or at least a fan. Vientiane seems to be malaria-free but not dengue fever-free. The mosquitoes that are active during the day carry dengue and those that are active in the evening carry malaria.


Health & Medical Insurance advice from Global Insurance in Laos

Individual Plans – Family Plans – Group Plans – Free Quote


Health and health care in Laos were poor in the early 1990s. Although diets are not grossly inadequate, chronic moderate vitamin and protein deficiencies are …


AGL Health Insurance provides you with sufficient cover for minor health proble


Save the Children is one of the leading agencies working in the health sector in Laos. In the 20 years since the Save the Children Primary Health Care Project …


Imagine being unable to work for your family’s living due to a medical injury that costs only a small amount of money to treat.


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Providing superior financial services in the Lao PDR. Logo ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. Print; QR Code; Text Size – Larger; Text Size – Normal; Text Size – Smaller …


Laos Below are the SWIFT codes for all banks in Laos. These SWIFT codes are only the active participants who are connected to SWIFT network. The passive …


Over half a century ago, Lao PDR began its journey to become a modern nation and committed itself to long-term development ambitions. It has delivered …


Due to limited investments in research on the tobacco epidemic in the country, trends in smoking prevalence

over the years have not yet been de. ned; however, the Lao PDR Health Survey in 2003 provides a snapshot

of the smoking prevalence in the country: 40.3% among adults (above 18 years old). Prevalence was much

higher among males (67.7%) than females (16%) and also signi. cantly higher in the poorer rural areas

(44.8%) than in the more af. uent urban areas (27%), indicating that the poor smoke more than the rich.


PwC Laos. … PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey; South East Asia – Investment Opportunities, Tax & Other Incentives · 10Minutes: Expanding business in …


On 1 October 2012, the Amended Tax Law (No 05/NA, 20 December 2011) is expected to come into force in the Lao PDR. The Amended Tax Law represents the …


Taxation statistics on Laos. 30 facts and figures, stats and information on Lao Taxation. Source: World Development Indicators database.


Laos Expat Info Center Guide – Laos General Information provides Expatriates with the Taxation in Laos.


Laos. Asia-Pacific Taxation. 2008/09 Edition. Summary Data. Corporate Tax Rates. Profits tax applies to the profits of business operations and …


State carrier Lao Airlines [10] has a near-monopoly on domestic flights, a dodgy safety history in the past, but a good safety record now. The fairly comprehensive network is by far the fastest (and, relatively speaking, the safest) way of reaching many parts of the country. As of 2009, the popular Vientiane-Luang Prabang route costs US$87 (one-way full fare for foreigners), but covers in 40 minutes what would take you at least ten to twelve hours by bus. Flights to more remote destinations, though, are flown on the Xian MA60, a Chinese knockoff of the Soviet An-24, and are frequently cancelled without warning if the weather is bad or not enough passengers show up.


Transport in Laos. Arriving and departing using public transportation in Laos such as busses, trains, car hire, flights and ferries – Lonely Planet.


When travelling in Laos with Vivutravel, you will have a private tour guide and car/bus. However, you may have to use some kinds of public transportation during …


Laos Travel by Road: Getting around Laos is getting more and more convenient each year following major road and airport upgrades. There is daily bus service …


Laos Expat Info Center Guide – Laos General Information provides Expatriates with the Laos Transport, Railways, Highways, Ports, Airports etc.


Train. Depuis 2009, un train quotidien relie Thanaleng à Bangkok en passant par Don Muang au Laos et Ayutthaya et Nong Khai en Thaïlande. De Thanaleng …

Driver’s licence

Having researched this topic on the internet, I find that a lot of information is outdated due to changes and can be misleading. Likewise, this article could become outdated and misleading in the future. I have a Thai driver’s license today and have been thru the process, so I can see what’s right and wrong on the internet.

You are required to either have an International Driver’s License (IDL) or else get a Thai driver’s license to drive in Thailand, rent a car, and/or purchase car insurance (depends on insurance company). International Driver’s Licenses expire much quicker (mine was good for only a year) than most foreign driver’s licenses (multi-year), so you may want to consider just getting and renewing a Thai driver’s license rather than renewing your IDL overseas.


f you’re planning on driving, you’ll need your international driver’s license or a Lao license which costs 90,000 kip without taking a test if you …


Laos Drivers Licence – posted in Laos Forum: Does any of our learned Lao forum members have any info on how to get a Lao drivers licence?


LAND VEHICLES & DRIVING LICENSE IN LAO PDR. Being a landlocked state with relatively small international airports,1 overland transport is one …


Except for those persons that have a driving license from Malaysia, Laos and Singapore irrespective of their citizenship. For those without an International …


Exception: Driver’s licenses from Singapore, Malaysia and Laos are accepted in Thailand. Thailand Guru has received questions about IDLs, so let me explain: …


The first time I heard this question, it was the lead-in for an upcoming report on BBC News, and of course I assumed it was probably Iraq, or one of the troubled Balkan states, or any of a number of conflict-ridden African nations, or maybe a former SSR. Then the announcer came back, saying, “Now a report from the most heavily-bombed country in the world: Laos.” For a second, I couldn’t believe it. Laos? When were they ever in a war? Then my heart sank as I realized it probably had something to do with our involvement in that neighborhood during the Vietnam War. Yup, that was right…


Laos Removal Companies – Professional Moving firms with outstanding quality service: BAR Laos Removal companies, Laos Removals Cheap make a right …


The United States removed the Southeast Asia nations of Laos and Cambodia from a trade blacklist, opening the door for U.S. loans …


The first time I heard this question, it was the lead-in for an upcoming report on BBC News, and of course I assumed it was probably Iraq, or one of the troubled …


Moving to or from Laos. Find international movers, or removal companies and get free moving quotes.


Three decades after the end of the Vietnam War, the United States is increasing aid to help remove unexploded ordnance that continues to kill …



Facilities are available in some large hotels in urban areas.


Internet cafes are available in the major towns.

Mobile telephone

GSM 900 network operator in the area is Lao Shinawatra. Still no widespread coverage; however, access to the Thai mobile telephone system may be possible from Vientiane and border regions.


There are a few English-language dailies in Laos including the Vientiane Times.


Laos is a little behind the times when it comes to cyber communication and you’ll have to register important mail but, on the whole, the country is gradually …


Laos communications – comprehensive information of communication facilities in Laos, including Mobile telephone networks, internet facilities.


Lao culture is still very much an oral culture with rich proverbs and expressions. Person-to-person dialogue is the preferred method of communication in the Lao …


Telephones – main lines in use: 61,900 (2002) Telephones – mobile cellular: 55,200 (2002) Telephone system: General assessment: service to general public is …


Start date: September 1st Duration: 6 months Location: Luang Prabang, Laos Description Pencils of Promise is seeking an intern who will.


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Lesser known among its other Southeast Asian neighbors, Laos has definitely opened up and allows visitors a unique chance to experience its scenic beauty …


Laos: find ratings for Leisure, Fitness and Pleasure Providers and other travel professionals in Laos.


Trails of Indochina specializes in Laos tour packages, Laos travel packages and much more! View our site for more … Download: Laos Leisure Brochure 2012 …


Hotels in Luang Prabang from the leading hotel review platform with hotel features: ?leisure/ entertainment offers.


LAOS AT A GLANCE. Official Name : State of LAO P.D.R. : Head of State : Head of Government : Official Language : Land Area : Population : Currency : GDP per …


Some photos of Vientiane, including photos of the airport, the tourist bus we used for the trip, the presidential palace, the morning market and some night photos of the riverfront.

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Some photos of Vientiane, including photos of the airport, the tourist bus we used for the trip, the presidential palace, the morning market and some night photos …


Roland Laos on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more…


Laos Miscellaneous News Topics; Specialized News Sections on Laos Miscellaneous.


Laos Miscellaneous General News Topics; Specialized News Sections on Laos Miscellaneous General.


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