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Kyrgyzstan (formally the Kyrgyz Republic is a Central Asian country of incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions. Landlocked and mountainous, it borders Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the southeast. Annexed by Russia in 1876, it achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. It has the most liberal tourist visa policy in Central Asia and one of the more progressive post-Soviet governments in the region.


A guide to Kyrgyzstan with articles, photos, facts, videos, and news from National Geographic.


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Kyrgyzstan tourism and travel information including facts, maps, history, culture, transport and weather in Kyrgyzstan. Find popular places to …


Kyrgyzstan -Travel Guide. Kyrgyzstan is situated in Central Asia, its neighbouring countries are Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tadjikistan to …


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Turkmenistan’s annual Oil and Gas Conference opened today, with hundreds of energy executives and government officials flocking to Ashgabat to see if the president — who decides everything — will do any further “diversifying” of his country’s vast hydrocarbons reserves.


The life in Kyrgyzstan guide will help you to settle down in Kyrgyzstan. The guide is written by expatriates in Kyrgyzstan, for people who would like to move to Kyrgyzstan. … GENERALITIES · general information …


Kyrgyz Unrest · Kyrgyz Transition · Manas · Multimedia … Turkmenistan: Generalities (So Far) at the Annual Gas Jamboree. November 15, 2011 – 6:31pm, …


Kyrgyzstan’s bickering parliamentary coalition collapsed August 22 after … save a few populist generalities with varying degrees of nationalism.


marriage, i.e. the main characteristic of marriage in Kyrgyzstan – its generality. In accordance with international recommendations and methodology for …


Kyrgyz officials are looking for answers, but their behavior since … in the Kyrgyz Emergency Situations Ministry, offered only generalities about …


Agriculture is an important sector of the economy in Kyrgyzstan (see agriculture in Kyrgyzstan). By the early 1990s, the private agricultural sector provided between one-third and one-half of some harvests. In 2002, agriculture accounted for 35.6% of GDP and about half of employment. Kyrgyzstan’s terrain is mountainous, which accommodates livestock raising, the largest agricultural activity, so the resulting wool, meat and dairy products are major commodities. Main crops include wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, and fruit. As the prices of imported agrichemicals and petroleum are so high, much farming is being done by hand and by horse, as it was generations ago. Agricultural processing is a key component of the industrial economy as well as one of the most attractive sectors for foreign investment.


This next section of the Information Pack describes some of the formalities which face tourists who visit the Kyrgyz Republic. Unfortunately, the word “formality” …


Formalities. Kyrgyzstan. Visa regulation. Registration in OVIR (passport department). Permits to border zone. Visa regulation. In 2010 Governments of …


Kyrgyzstan visa information as well as other formalities:border permit, OVIR registration etc.


Kyrgyzstan Visa and Formalities. According to a decree introduced by Kyrgyz government in 2012, nationals of the following countries enjoy visa free regime …


This next section describes some of the formalities which face tourists who visit the Kyrgyz Republic: Visas: most visitors to Kyrgyzstan need a visa. To obtain a …


The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic allows citizens of specific countries/territories to visit Kyrgyzstan for tourism or business purposes without having to obtain a visa.


US citizens present in the Kyrgyz Republic for more than 60 days mustobtain a Kyrgyz visa at the Department of Consular Services of the Ministry of Foreign …




Every foreign visitor is required to have a valid passport and a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan. Visas are issued at the Kyrgyz Embassy in the visitor’s home country.


Kyrgyzstan Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Kyrgyzstan. Comprehensive Information on Kyrgyzstan Visa …


Kyrgyzstan visa and passport requirements. Essential reading before you travel to Kyrgyzstan and up to date travel details for tourists.


Re-evaluation in connection with Tajikistan exploration program.

Manas license Tuzluk in Kyrgyzstan where lies within the Fergana Basin borders to our block in Tajikistan.


Looking For Work In Kyrgyzstan? Guide to working in Kyrgyzstan – info on jobs, the work visa you’ll need and the work culture you can expect.


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We’re working with the Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent to combat misinformation around tuberculosis, as well as helping patients get treatment.


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Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are the poorest countries in Central Asia and amongst the poorest in the world. Both are heavily reliant on external aid and money …


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Kyrgyzstan map and travel guide, with photos and hotels. Guide to Kyrgyzstan from Mapcarta, the travel map.


Kyrgyzstan Hotel Reviews: Tips, guest photos, and deals on hotels in Kyrgyzstan from real travelers and locals.


The school system in Kyrgyzstan includes primary (grades 1 to 4) and secondary (grades 5 to 11 (or sometimes 12)) divisions within one school. Children are usually accepted to primary schools at the age of 7. It is required that every child finishes 9 grades of school and receives a certificate of completion. Grades 10–11 are optional, but it is necessary to complete them to graduate and receive a state-accredited school diploma. To graduate, a student must complete the 11-year school course and pass 4 mandatory state exams in writing, maths, history and a foreign language.


March 1996 country profile plus information about historical setting, society and environment, economy, government and politics, and national security.


Study Abroad In Kyrgyzstan: Comprehensive directory of study abroad programs in Kyrgyzstan.


A group for anyone to join to discover more about this ancient part of the world — rich in culture and history — yet every bit modern today….and its links…


Language(s) Offered Kyrgyz Uzbek. Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan More Information and Photographs. Academic Program Participants studying Kyrgyz or Uzbek …


Find universities, study abroad programs, language schools, vocational schools, online degrees and primary and secondary schools in Kyrgyzstan.

Health care

In the post-Soviet era, Kyrgyzstan’s health system has suffered increasing shortages of health professionals and medicine. Kyrgyzstan must import nearly all its pharmaceuticals.[1] The increasing role of private health services has supplemented the deteriorating state-supported system.[1] In the early 2000s, public expenditures on health care decreased as a percentage of total expenditures, and the ratio of population to number of doctors increased substantially, from 296 per doctor in 1996 to 355 per doctor in 2001.[1] A national primary-care health system, the Manas Program, was adopted in 1996 to restructure the Soviet system that Kyrgyzstan inherited.[1] The number of people participating in this program has expanded gradually, and province-level family medicine training centers now retrain medical personnel.[1] A mandatory medical insurance fund was established in 1997.


Kyrgyzstan has undertaken wide-ranging reforms of its health system in a … to the health care delivery system with the aim of strengthening primary health care, …


Abstract. Within the countries of the former Soviet Union, the Kyrgyz Republic has been a pioneer in reforming the system of health care finance …


Kyrgyzstan-Health Care System from the Country Studies Program, formerly the Army Area Handbook Program.


Erkinai Askerova, an ear-nose-throat physician from Bishkek, could barely survive on her old monthly salary of 4,000 KGS (US $88). “We work …


Kyrgyzstan’s Health System. Picture. From 1996-2005 the Ministry of Health implemented its National Health Care Reform Programme “Manas” with a focus on …


The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic is the central bank of Kyrgyzstan. It was established ion the country’s independence in 1991.[1]

The Bank is active in developing policies to promote financial inclusion and is a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.[


The National (Central) Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter referred to as …


No. Bank. Mail Address, phone number. Chairman of the bank (Head of the branch). Number of branches. e–mail, Web-site. 1. OJS Russian-Kyrgyz …


Kyrgyzstan’s banks are under pressure. Philip Alexander | 30/08/2010 12:00 am. cp/96/GET-Kyrgyzs2.jpg. Closed for business: Kyrgyz police patrol destroyed …


Kyrgyz Republic Resident Mission, 52-54 Orozbekov Street, Bishkek 720040, Kyrgyz Republic, Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Tel: + 996 …


Kyrgyzstan Below are the SWIFT codes for all banks in Kyrgyzstan. These SWIFT codes are only the active participants who are connected to SWIFT network.


A bill allowing people to declare assets and unpaid tax without fear of retribution has sailed through the Kyrgyz parliament, after an earlier version had to be amended because of objections that it would help money-launderers.

A revised version of the bill was passed on June 25. The legislation, termed “an amnesty for undeclared taxes and customs duties and legalising property”, is designed to reduce the amount of business activity that takes place in the illegal or black economy.


The taxation policy on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is carried out by the government of the Kyrgyz Republic. Taxes are imposed by Jogorku Kenesh of the …


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The strategic U.S. air base at Manas, Kyrgyzstan, is once again facing closure as Russia works behind the scenes to influence Kyrgyzstan’s interim government, …


KStandard RateReduced RateTax SystemNotesKazakhstan12% VAT Kenya16% VAT Kiribati0% 10% Sales Tax Korea (North Korea)2%&


A bill allowing people to declare assets and unpaid tax without fear of retribution has sailed through the Kyrgyz parliament, after an earlier …


Transport in Kyrgyzstan is severely constrained by the country’s alpine topography. Roads have to snake up steep valleys, cross passes of 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) altitude and more, and are subject to frequent mud slides and snow avalanches. Winter travel is close to impossible in many of the more remote and high-altitude regions.

Additional problems come from the fact that many roads and railway lines built during the Soviet period are today intersected by international boundaries, requiring time-consuming border formalities to cross where they are not completely closed. Horses are still a much-used transport option, especially in more rural areas; Kyrgyzstan’s road infrastructure is not extensive, so horses are able to reach locations that motor vehicles cannot, and they do not require expensive, imported fuel.


The law in the Kyrgyz Republic mandates access to buildings for persons with disabilities and requires access to public transportation and parking.


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Kyrgyzstan-Transportation and Telecommunications from the Country Studies Program, formerly the Army Area Handbook Program.


Kyrgyzstan-Transportation and Telecommunications from the Country Studies Program, formerly the Army Area Handbook Program.


Kyrgyzstan Transportation: Tips on getting to and getting around Kyrgyzstan from real travelers and locals.

Driver’s licence

The legal driving age within the Russian Federation is 18 years(16 years for motorcycles and trucks,20 years for buses)[4] and to obtain a licence one must be physically fit to drive (including certificates of mental fitness and no record of substance abuse). One must also pass a test administered at a local traffic police authority as well as pay a fee. Tests are divided into theory and practice. The theory test is usually a computerised multiple-choice test on various traffic rules. 20 multiple-choice questions are asked, with two incorrect answers allowed for a passing grade.[5] A road test is then administered which includes a demonstration of basic driving skills (steering, slope starting for manual transmission vehicles and backing-up) on an obstacle course as well as a skills examination for road driving. Four minor errors are allowed for road driving examination and the obstacle course is a pass-fail system. The number of retries is unlimited.


All driving licenses in Kyrgyzstan are issued by the Registration and Testing Department (RTD) of the State Department of Traffic Safety (SDTS) …


If the vehicle is in transit (i. e. you will leave Kyrgyzstan in it) there should be no customs duties etc. You will also need an international driver’s licence.


You will also need an international driver’s licence. In addition, by law in Kyrgyzstan, every vehicle is supposed to carry: A First Aid Kit; A fire …


You can drive in Kyrgyzstan using a UK Driving Licence or an International Driving Permit. Service stations are limited outside the cities of …


Kyrgyzstan Drivers License download Kyrgyzstan Drivers License 4.0.14 Kyrgyzstan Drivers License.


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In the early 2000s, Kyrgyzstan used international investment support to restructure its telecommunications system, which had 7.7 telephone lines per 100 inhabitants in 2002 and 1,100,000 cellular phones in use in 2007. As part of the upgrading process, the government has attempted to sell a majority interest in the state-owned telecommunications company, Kyrgyztelecom, to foreign bidders. Companies from Russia, Sweden, and Turkey have been possible buyers. However, in 2005 an estimated 100,000 applicants were waiting for telephone line installation.


The telecommunications sector in Kyrgyzstan is characterised by an open market that has welcomed both foreign and domestic investors.


Kyrgyzstan Communications 2012, CIA World Factbook.


Communications information about Kyrgyzstan. … Kyrgyzstan’s Communications | Kyrgyzstan Communications. Advertisement. Select a country, Afghanistan …


All international calls from Kyrgyzstan have to go through the operator. Calls within the city are free of charge if made from private telephones; hotels sometimes …


general assessment: poorly developed; about 100,000 unsatisfied applications for household telephones domestic: principally microwave radio relay; one …


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Shopping in Kyrgyzstan is as unique as the country itself and based on the nomadic way of life and its handicrafts. It’s possible to find Western goods, at Western …


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