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Iceland [1], (Icelandic: Ísland) is a mountainous island nation in the north Atlantic Ocean, located between Europe and North America. Though not part of the continental mainland, the country is considered European. The name of the country – Iceland – may not be that appropriate: although 10% of Iceland is covered by glaciers, it has a surprisingly mild climate and countless geothermal hot-spots. The native spelling (“Ísland”) is appropriate in English as well.


Official travel guide to Iceland. Accommodation, activities, restaurants, transportation and practical information in 10 languages.


Have you ever wondered how different your visit to a foreign country could have been if you’d had a knowledgeable, qualified guide to show you the sights and …


A guide to Iceland with articles, photos, facts, videos, and news from National Geographic.

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Plan your Iceland vacation with the Frommer’s comprehensive Iceland travel guide. The travel guide includes information about hotels, restaurants, attractions, …


“Iceland Guided Tours – IGTours” is the family run company with personal service and professional guides. We provide daily scheduled tours to the most …


Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place if you enjoy strange and desolate landscapes. Because it is so close to the Arctic Circle, the amount of daylight varies dramatically by season. The sun sets briefly each night in June, but it doesn’t get fully dark before it comes back up again. In the March and September equinoxes, days and nights are of about equal length, as elsewhere in the world. If you go in December, it’s almost 20 hours of darkness. Summer is definitely the best time to go, and even then the tourist traffic is still mild. The midnight sun is a beautiful sight and one definitely not to be missed. It is easy to lose track of time when the sun is still high in the sky at 11PM. Early or late winter, however, can be surprisingly good times to visit. In late January, daylight is from about 10AM to 5PM, prices are lower than in the high season, and the snow-blanketed landscape is eerily beautiful. (Some sites are, however, inaccessible in the winter).


So what do they want? Speaking in generalities about growing partnerships is all well and good, but what, exactly, did China and Iceland agree …


Paul J. B. Hart, John D. Reynolds – 2008 – Technology & Engineering

The cod population in Iceland and the brook trout population from lakes in the Sierra Nevada … Recruitment 129 6.3 Generalities through meta-analysis.


General information about Iceland: capital, currency, official language, climate…All you need to know about Iceland.


The life in Iceland guide will help you to settle down in Iceland. The guide is written by expatriates in Iceland, for people who would like to … GENERALITIES …


Work in Iceland: find a job in Iceland, get information about the job market and legal framework in Iceland.


Despite its name, Iceland has surprisingly mild winters for a country at that latitude owing to the warming effect of the Atlantic Gulf Stream, especially when put into comparison with the Russian one. Iceland enjoys a maritime temperate climate and the winters are often compared with those of New England (though the winds in winter can be bitter). However the rapidly changing weather has given rise to the local saying: ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!’ It’s the kind of place where it’s not unusual to get rained on and sunburned at the same time – some Icelandic people also believe that if the winter is hard and long then the summer will be good and warm. The summers are usually cooler and more temperate than elsewhere at the same latitude (the effect of the ocean again) and 20 to 25°C is considered quite warm.


FAQs about Travel in Iceland. Voyages sur mesure en Islande. Below you will find the answers to questions that our clients frequently ask us. Of course, we can’t …


What do I need to enter in Iceland? Do I need a passport, a visa, a valid ID? Information about formalities in Iceland.


The Icelandic monetary unitis the “króna.” Coins are in denominations of 100 kr., 50 kr., 10kr., 5 kr. and 1 kr. Bank notes are in denominations of 5000 kr., 2000 …


And Iceland’s welcome for Tourists is always warm. Almost everyone speaks fluent English and Icelanders aren’t really given to formalities. A trip to Iceland …


In Icelandic, þú is used for informal and formal situations. Formality is more or less similar to how English speakers use formality. It tends to be in your voice and …


There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented this treaty – the European Union (except Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty. But be careful: not all EU members have signed the Schengen treaty, and not all Schengen members are part of the European Union. This means that there may be spot customs checks but no immigration checks (travelling within Schengen but to/from a non-EU country) or you may have to clear immigration but not customs (travelling within the EU but to/from a non-Schengen country).


Iceland Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Iceland. Comprehensive Information on Iceland Visa Requirements – Apply …


Visas and passport validity. Schengen Visas. As of 25 March 2001, Iceland is an associate member of the Schengen Agreement which exempts travellers from …


Visas are not required by visitors from the following countries for visit up to 90 days. Albania, Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas …

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Iceland visa and passport requirements. Essential reading before you travel to Iceland and up to date travel details for tourists.


This means that U.S. citizens may enter Iceland for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three …


Unemployment in Iceland is rising and the wages are crashing, right now Iceland is not a place to come in hopes of finding work. Work permits are required for citizens of most countries. The exceptions are citizens of the Nordic Countries (Greenland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Åland Islands, Finland) and EU/EEA countries. As of May 1, 2006 there are no restrictions on the latest entrants into the EU.


Work in Iceland. Moving to a new country takes courage. It also creates exciting opportunities and new beginnings. Taking the time to learn what to expect – and …


Temporary And Seasonal Work In Iceland. See Fast Facts On Living And Working In Iceland. Work can be found In Iceland in country hotels or holiday farms, …


When you have gotten the job and arrived in Iceland… -there is a bunch of things to do like register for kennitala, pay taxes (hurray!!), choose a pension fund and …


Work and Live. Citizens of the other Nordic countries—Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland—can move to Iceland and find employment without much …


We are a young couple that have a small tourism farm in Iceland. In the land of our farm lies one of the largest lava caves in the world, Víðgelmir. This lava cave …


During the Þorri season (late January-Early February) many Icelanders enjoy Þorramatur, a selection of traditional Icelandic cuisine which usually contain the following: hákarl (putrefied shark cubes), Sviðasulta (brawn [head cheese] made from svið), Lundabaggi (Sheep’s fat) and hrútspungar (pickled ram’s testicles). Þorramatur is usually served at gatherings known as Þorrablót. If you find yourself invited to a Þorrablót do not be afraid to (politely) refuse some of the more unpalatable delicacies, as many Icelanders chose to do so as well. Don’t worry about going hungry, though, as many of the more “normal” foods mentioned above are almost always available too. If uncertain which is which, do not be afraid to ask the caterers for assistance.


Here on visiticeland.com you can find everything about accommodation in Iceland, including Reykjavik and the capital area. The web has a complete list of …


Accommodation in Iceland ~ including Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Lodges, Hostels, Vacation Homes, Motels, all Accommodation in Iceland.

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Iceland holiday rentals for your self catering trip. Find your ideal property and book with HomeAway Holiday-Rentals, the largest and most trusted holiday homes …


Accommodation in Iceland: Browse TripAdvisor’s list of all hotels, B&Bs, resorts, inns, and other lodging within Iceland.


Experience the Icelandic countryside with the people who know it best: the locals. Rural accommodation, self-drive tours, activities and local food all around …


Are you considering studying in Iceland? Located in the North Atlantic Ocean right close to the Arctic pole, Iceland is a highly developed country with a world-class higher education system. Although Iceland is not a member state of the European Union, it signed the Schengen Agreement. If you plan to study in Iceland, you will benefit from its membership to the Schengen area as you will be able to freely move within Europe.


This site provides information on all higher education institutions in Iceland, as well as practical things to know and do before arriving. Please choose from the …


Introduction to Iceland. Sheep round-up and the Golden Circle. In the fall, the farmers gather the sheep to a fold, the Icelandic term is “réttir”. There the farmers …


Study in Iceland: universities and colleges, how to apply, deadlines, grades, residence permit, admission requirements, tuition fees, and more!

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Please also see the webpage Study in Iceland Iceland is Europe’s westernmost country, the second largest island in the North-Atlantic Ocean, a little.


It is true to say that there is no other place like Iceland. Find a quality university or college to study at in Iceland.

Health care

The medical facilities in Iceland are good and available free to European Union citizens with a valid EHIC form or its replacement ID card. Scandinavian citizens must show valid passport and medical insurance to be treated.

Infectious diseases aren’t a problem in Iceland. Inoculations aren’t required except if you are arriving from countries that suffer from infectious diseases like cholera.


Everyone who has been legally resident in Iceland for six months automatically becomes a member of the Icelandic social insurance system, regardless of …


Find information on how to access healthcare while in Iceland.


Iceland is one of the healthiest countries in the world. It has low pollution, high life expectancy and an extremely low rate of infant mortality. The health service is …


Want to learn about healthcare, education, and safety in Iceland? InterNations offers info on living in Iceland, including healthcare, education, and safety.


International Health and Medical Insurance for international citizens traveling and living in Iceland. Contact us today for info and free quotes.


Obviously the financial crisis however still had a serious negative impact on the Icelandic economy. The national currency fell sharply in value, foreign currency transactions were virtually suspended for weeks, and the market capitalisation of the Icelandic stock exchange fell by more than 90%. As a result of the crisis, Iceland underwent a severe economic recession; the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) dropped by 5.5% in real terms in the first six months of 2010.[7] Outside Iceland, more than half a million depositors (far more than the entire population of Iceland) found their bank accounts frozen, as a result of the foreign branches of the 3 Icelandic banks were thrown into receivership; and a subsequent diplomatic dispute (known as the Icesave dispute) also evolved over repayment of deposit insurance between Iceland at one side versus United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


The Central Bank of Iceland (Seðlabanki Íslands) is an independent institution, owned by the Icelandic state but under separate administration. The Central …


Iceland won a landmark court case on Monday over its refusal to immediately cover the losses of British and Dutch depositors who lost money …


Icesave, run by the Icelandic Landsbanki, collapsed in 2008 along with all of Iceland’s banking system. The UK and Dutch savers were bailed …


Klassi recreation grants for 2013. Klassi recreation grants were awarded in March. Just over 1000 applications were received this year. Ten grants in the amount …


Íslandsbanki hf. has today sold 3 and 6 month commercial paper. The total issuance in each series cannot exceed 1,500,000,000 ISK in …


Taxes in Iceland are levied by the state and the municipalities.[1] Property rights are strong and Iceland is one of the few countries where they are applied to fishery management. Taxpayers pay various subsidies to each other, similar to European countries with welfare state, but the spending is less than in most European countries. Despite low tax rates, overall taxation and consumption is still much higher than countries such as Ireland. Employment regulations are relatively flexible.


In this brochure you should find all the neccessary information on the Icelandic tax system and more. We hope that you will find it useful and that it will provide …


Welcome to Tax Free Worldwide – Iceland. On this website you can find general information about Tax Free, how to shop Tax Free and where to get your refund.


Everyone residing in Iceland gets a tax card at the age of 16, whether they have a work permit or not, since they are regarded as tax payers from that age.


The taxation system in Iceland is fairly straightforward. There is a ‘flat tax’ system, which means that the taxation rate is constant. The income tax rate is 22.75% …


Value Added Tax (VAT) may be refunded to persons resident abroad on goods that they have purchased in Iceland, subject to the conditions of regulations.


A car offers the most flexibility for travel around Iceland. Numerous agencies rent vehicles, and ferries allow individuals to bring their own car with them. Rental prices are high – expect to pay at least ISK4000 per day for a two wheel drive vehicle, and upwards of ISK12,000 per day for a four-wheel drive vehicle; these prices include basic car insurance, but additional insurance may be purchased to protect against damage from gravel or other common mishaps. Read the fine-print however, because the things that usually break (windshield, tires, bottom of the car) are usually excluded. Travelers can see the majority of Iceland’s sights with a two-wheel drive vehicle, but those interested in venturing into the interior or to places such as Landmannalaugar will need four-wheel drive – and long experience at the wheel – as roads are rough and rivers may need to be crossed. In some locations it’s best not to travel alone due to the difficult terrain and weather conditions. Be aware that renting a four wheel drive vehicle may require reservations made several months in advance as these vehicles are in high demand. In addition, renting cars on-location is almost never cheaper than doing so in advance, and car rentals, including at the airport, are not open around the clock.


BUS SCHEDULES IN ICELAND (RÚTUÁÆTLANIR) THE REAL ICELANDIC HOLIDAYS! Tailor your ideal package and save. No Intermediaries No Booking Fee …


Iceland Expat Info Center Guide – Iceland General Information provides Expatriates with the Iceland Transport, Railways, Highways, Ports, Airports etc.


Do you need to take a train, a bus, a plane, or rent a car in Iceland? Find out more about transportation means in Iceland.


Domestic Transportation in and around Iceland. Getting around in Iceland is easy during the summermonths, but can be more challenging during winter months.


Situated in south eastern Iceland, at the head of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier branching from the Vatnajökull, between Skaftafell National Park and Höfn, …

Driver’s licence

Driving around Iceland can be difficult or even dangerous. Inform yourself of local conditions and make sure your vehicle and driving skills are up to the task. Be aware that many roads (even parts of the main country road) are unpaved and can turn into slippery mud during the summer. There have been a number of instances where foreigners, unprepared for Icelandic roads, have had accidents, some of them fatal. Since the roads are very quiet and the distances between settlements great, some Icelanders abuse this by speeding considerably. Sheep sometimes roam near the roads or even on them, so always have your eyes open and be on the lookout for sheep, as they tend to wait for cars before crossing the roads.


A foreign driver’s license is valid in Iceland for those who stay here on temporary basis. The principle is, however, that if a person has permanent residence in …


Driving in Iceland All European and US licences are valid in Iceland. Visitors from other countries should check with their local motoring organisation.. Use of …


Driving Licence. As from 1 July 1996 a valid Icelandic driving licence is valid in EU/EEA. There is no need for an international driving licence or a UK driving …


We will be in Iceland first week of Oct. We will be renting a car at the Keflavik airport and have that reserved. When we arrive and go pick up the …


Find out everyting you need to know about driver’s license in Iceland and the relevant formalities; info about driving requirements in the country.


To completely purge Iceland from your computer, you need to delete the files and folders associated with Iceland. These files and folders are respectively listed in the Files and Folders sections on this page.

For instructions on deleting the Iceland files and folders, see the following section How to Delete Iceland Files (.exe, .dll, etc.).


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Your Health Portal – find Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery information. find tattoo removal in Iceland (IS) information. locate Iceland (IS) tattoo removal service providers.


Iceland Removal Companies – Professional Moving firms with outstanding quality service: BAR Iceland Removal companies, Iceland Removals Cheap make a …


Moving Iceland Bolivia Recieve up to 6 quotes from Removal companies for your move to or from Iceland.


The Ad Hoc Group on the Removal of Iceland’s Capital Controls consisting of representatives of the Icelandic Government and the European …


The official language of Iceland is Icelandic (íslenska), which remains very similar to, although not quite the same as 13th-century Norse. Icelandic writing uses the Latin alphabet, but with two characters long ago lost from English: eth (Ð, ð), pronounced like the voiced th of “them”, and thorn (Þ, þ), pronounced like the unvoiced th of “thick”. Materials in English often substitute “dh” and “th” respectively, so eg. Fjörður is written Fjordhur and þingvellir is written Thingvellir. Loanwords are shunned, and new words are regularly made for concepts like computers, known as tölva (“number-prophetess”). Icelandic is related to the other Scandinavian languages (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Faroese), and while it is hardly mutually intelligible with them in spoken form, this is not as much the case in written form.


The telecom market in Iceland is characterised by one of the world’s highest penetrations of broadband, Internet and mobile phones. Broadband penetration per …


Iceland Communications 2013, CIA World Factbook.


Iceland: Communications & Transportation. Flag of Iceland · Click to enlarge · Iceland Page · Pages for other countries and territories …

www.nationsencyclopedia.com › Europe › Iceland

Iceland – Infrastructure, power, and communications. Iceland enjoys an extensive infrastructure. Roads started to be built in 1900 and construction increased …


Iceland Expat Info Center Guide – Iceland General Information provides Expatriates with the Iceland Communication, Telephone, Internet, Radio, Television.


Enjoy the stunning and diverse landscapes of south Iceland, including Þingvellir National Park, the great Geysir area, Skaftafell National Park, Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon and much more. This tour is suitable and recommended for families with children and is ideal for winter travels. You have the option of staying in cottages, driving distances per day are moderate and child-friendly activities can be found all along the way.


South Iceland at Leisure ISSD-05 by Iceland 4×4 tours, Jeep and a wide choice of cars. Self drive off road and around Iceland, visit volcanoes and glaciers and …


Iceland is not a destination. It is an adventure. Travel to Iceland to experience the stunning Icelandic nature, the beauty of the rugged landscape and the …


If you’re looking for a hip and action-packed weekend break, Reykjavik is an affordable choice, writes Albertina Lloyd.


Relax, take it easy, enjoy yourself at your leisure. Our Iceland leisure hotels mean the difference between a great leisure hotel break in Iceland and a merely …


View Iceland – leisure, travel & tourism on Linkedin.See recent hires and promotions, competitors and how you’re connected to the companies.


Have you any advice or information you want to share with us about life in Iceland? If you cannot find appropriate category to post your message, please leave it here!


A miscellaneous assortment of sunrises, sunsets and other views taken throughout our holiday.


Iceland miscellaneous shs_n2_095904. Old willys 4×4 … This photo also appears in. Miscellaneous stuff from Iceland (Set) …


Useful information and tips about living in Iceland: all you need to know to live in Iceland.


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Iceland Miscellaneous News Topics; Specialized News Sections on Iceland Miscellaneous.

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