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Hungary (Magyarország) [1] is a country in Central Europe. Member of the European Union and the Schengen Border-less Europe Agreement. The country offers many diverse destinations: relatively low mountains in the north-west, the Great Plain in the east, lakes and rivers of all sorts (including Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe), and many beautiful small villages and hidden gems of cities. Top this off with Hungary’s great accessibility in the middle of Europe, a vivid culture and economy, and you get a destination absolutely not worth missing if you’re in the region.


Come and explore Hungary and see the diverse attractions this country has in store for you! Natives reveal you Hungary’s most notable attractions, secret spots, …]


A guide to Hungary with articles, photos, facts, videos, and news from National Geographic.


Hungary travel guide including detailed destination guides to Hungarian cities, beaches, ski resorts, cruise ports and airports. Up to date and written by experts.


Plan your Hungary vacation with the Frommer’s comprehensive Hungary travel guide. The travel guide includes information about hotels, restaurants, attractions …


Read Condé Nast Traveller’s free travel guide with information about where to visit, where to eat, where to stay and what to do in Hungary, Europe.


Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a capital regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world [2]. Despite its relatively small size, the country is home to numerous World Heritage Sites, UNESCO Biosphere reserves, the second largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz), the largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton), and the largest natural grassland in Europe (Hortobágy). In terms of buildings, Hungary is home to the largest synagogue in Europe (Great Synagogue), the largest medicinal bath in Europe (Széchenyi Medicinal Bath), the third largest church in Europe (Esztergom Basilica), the second largest territorial abbey in the world (Pannonhalma Archabbey), the second largest Baroque castle in the world (Gödöllo”), and the largest Early Christian Necropolis outside Italy (Pécs).


GENERALITIES ABOUT HUNGARY. The Central European Country has already joined the European Union. Hence no citizen of any EU member country need …


In public, however, Merkel confined herself to generalities, praising Hungary for making changes “in those areas where there were doubts from …


I will show the process of the preparing the Hungarian concordance and at the end I will conclude the generalities and theory of concordances.


Generalities and basic facts about … HORVÁTORSZÁG (in Hungarian) … of them live also in Hungary and in the north of today’s Yugoslavia), Slavonci, Zagorci, …


General information about Hungary: capital, currency, official language, climate…All you need to know about Hungary.


Hungary has been ethnically diverse since its inception, and while today over 90% of the population are ethnically Hungarian, pockets of ethnic and cultural Slovaks, Romanians, Germans and others dot the country. Due to the border changes of Hungary after World War I, over 2 million ethnic and cultural Hungarians live in bordering countries, as well. The Hungarians, otherwise known as Magyars, are the descendants of several tribes from Central Asia, who were believed to be fierce, nomadic horsemen and came to Central Europe in the 9th century


What do I need to enter in Hungary? Do I need a passport, a visa, a valid ID? Information about formalities in Hungary.


We give you the opportunity to write anything you like about your experience in Hungary. Formalities, visa procedures, food, shopping, night life, it’s up to you!


To visit Hungary you may need a visa. Visa is a permit to enter Hungary for a short stay visit not exceeding three months in any six-month period as a tourist, …


Hungarian private law — in line with an international trend — has slowly been relaxing the formal requirements relating to wills. This was already noticeable in …


Residence permit must be applied before you actually go to Hungary. Please note that short term visa does not permit you to travel to Hungary for working or …


Travelling to Hungary? This page will allow you to check whether or not you will have a need for a Hungarian visa and moreover guide you through the visa application procudure. This furthermore permits you to download or order the required visa application forms for travellers from United Kingdom to Hungary. Why not click on the links listed below to get hold of information about Hungarian Visas.


Hungary Visa Services: Secure Online Application; Tourist, Business, Private Visas to Hungary. Comprehensive Information on Hungary Visa Requirements …


Applicants have the option of paying their visa fees by Credit/Debit card (only at the Visa Application Centre) or Postal Orders in the name of “Hungary Visa …


Hungary visa and passport requirements. Essential reading before you travel to Hungary and up to date travel details for tourists.


We advise you to exercise normal safety precautions in Hungary. Exercise common sense and … Map of Hungary ( This map is presented for information only.


Hungary Visa, United Kingdom: Application, Requirements, Hungarian Visa Services by VisaHQ Ltd, London, UK. Apply Online.


It could be very difficult for an individual to seek (legal) employment in Hungary because of the complexity, cost and time involved. Most foreign workers in Hungary have received their visas and other necessary documents through the company they are employed by. It is hoped, however, that since the joining of Hungary to the EU a reduction will follow in the amount of red tape involved.


Temporary And Seasonal Work In Hungary. See Fast Facts On Living And Working In Hungary. There are numerous private English language and state schools …


Your first stop for details on staying legally, working and teaching in Budapest and across Hungary.


An overview on getting the relevant work permits, the regulations and necessary visas required for working in Hungary.


From jet engines to power generation, financial services to security, medical imaging to ecomagination, news and information, GE is imagination at work.


Hungary Work Permits – how to get sponsored for a work permit in Hungary, how contractors in Hungary can get work permits.


Vegetarians and Vegans will have about as much ease eating out as in any other western country. Budapest is not a problem, as there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, but in an ordinary Hungarian restaurant the non-meat mains on the menu are pretty much limited to rántott sajt (fried cheese) and gombafejek rántva (fried mushrooms).


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Hungarian Hotel Guide and Travel Information about Budapest Hungary, Hotels Hungary Budapest, Hungary Budapest Hotel, Restaurants Budapest Hungary, …


Hungarian Accommodation (Hungaria – Northern Hungary, Balaton Region, Northern Great Plain, Tisa Lake, Southern Great Plain, Western Transdanubia, …


Hungary holiday villas & apartments for your self catering trip. Find your ideal property and book with HomeAway Holiday-Rentals, the largest and most trusted …


Hungary is a wonderful country in the Central Europe. Visit its capital Budapest, or the famous lake Balaton, or many other interesting places like Debrecen, …


Hungarian universities are open to all foreign students. Many European exchange students come through the EU’s Erasmus program. There are quite a lot students from Asia and the Middle East as well, particularly because despite the high standard of education, fees are still considerably lower than in the more developed Western European countries. Those interested should visit Study in Hungary [58] or University of Debrecen [59] websites.


Degree programs for international students in medicine, veterinary science, and psychology at universities in Budapest, Szeged and Pécs. Scholarships.


Study in Hungary: universities and colleges, how to apply, deadlines, applications, grades, residence permit, admission requirements, tuition fees, and more!


Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular study abroad destination – especially for medicine. Hungarian higher education has gained great credibility over …


Bridging Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary is well worth considering if you’re planning to study in Europe.


Want to know what 38 students think about studying abroad in Hungary? Browse through 23 study abroad programs in Hungary to find the perfect one for you!

Health care

Private health care providers are high quality, but limited in scope once outside Budapest. Dentistry is cheaper here than in Western Europe (8-10000 HUF for an appointment and x-ray), and physiotherapy also (3000HUF for a half hour treatment), but check the price with the provider before you confirm the appointment. Outside Budapest you will likely have to speak basic Hungarian to communicate your needs as few doctors will have any English or German skills.


Find information on how to access healthcare while in Hungary.


Hungary’s healthcare system is financed through the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), which is primarily responsible for recurrent health care costs. State budgetary …


Medical care in Hungary is of a good standard; medical staff are highly skilled and care facilities are relatively well supplied. The Hungarian health service has …


Hungary’s healthcare system is financed through the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), which is primarily responsible for recurrent health care costs.


Hungary had 12 outpatient contacts per person in 2009, almost twice the European Union (EU) average.3 Box 1: Overview of healthcare …


Erste Group entered the Hungarian market by purchasing the state-owned Mezo”bank in 1997. Since its renaming to Erste Bank Hungary on 1 October 1998, the bank has provided full-range financial services for its retail and corporate clients. During its operation the bank has expanded year after year at a rate that exceeded the market’s average growth, with an additional boost given by Erste Group purchasing Postabank Rt. from the Hungarian state and merging the banks in 2004.


Private customers can use EcoLoan for real estates modernization and reconstruction. Our bank provides reduced interest rate attaining energy saving through …


Az MNB elso”dleges célja az árstabilitás elérése és fenntartása. Az MNB elso”dleges céljának veszélyeztetése nélkül, a rendelkezésre álló monetáris politikai …


Account management. OTP Bank’s retail current account package will meet your needs. You can access your account from any OTP Bank branch regardless of …


ERSTE BANK HUNGARY ZRT. is member of the Erste Group; its mother institution is the Erste Group Bank AG – a well-known name on the Central-European …


Citibank Hungary … Citibank Online Banking. Please sign in … A new banking experience · INFORMATION ABOUT SYSTEM OUTAGE FROM 12.04.2013.


Hungary is covering the entire spectrum of financial services and client needs. The positions held by Erste Bank Hungary on the retail market are made even stronger by the strategic cooperation with Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post), a part of which there is an online system in operation in 342 post offices throughout the country.


Dear visitor,. Welcome to the English-language website of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA). As you are surely aware, the year …


Basic data on Hungary’s income tax rates tax laws v.a.t. Hungary’s overview of economy main economic indicators GDP inflation rates unemployment.


Hungary – Tax Treaty Documents. The complete texts of the following tax treaty documents are available in Adobe PDF format. Please read the entire documents …


Look up tax rates, the latest tax news and information on double taxation treaties.


Hungary joined the EU in 2004, its tax system is harmonized with EU directives and its trade with the EU is fully liberalized and exempt from customs restrictions.


The Hungarian border control is very strict and thorough. They will not hesitate to conduct a full vehicle search if necessary. Entry from Schengen countries ( Austria, Slovenia,Slovakia ) is out of such border control since the abolishment of physical borders. All those remain show light control (Romania,Croatia) and due to a bilateral aggreement Serbian citizens are also no more undergo a strict border control. However you have to take into consideration that from Schengen area you might undergo a so called inside-customs control wherever moving/driving in the country.Non-Schengen passengers must take into account facing a strict control upon customs prescripitions from Ukraine and Serbia. Coming from Serbia you are allowed to bring 2 packets of cigarettes into Hungary. If you bring more they will take it and fine for 102 euros. Weapons for hunting are allowed to bring in from any EU Membersate if you have a European License. However with possessing that you may not buy or sell your or a new weapon here. Automatic weapons can’t be held at all, you’ll never get a license in HU to obtain such. The same is the situation with illcicit drugs as well.Infringement of these rules may definitely lead to your immediate arrestment! Entry from non-Schengen countries can take quite a long time, in particular in the summer months on the weekends when EU-Nationals are returning north along the E75 corridor from Belgrade, Serbia. The wait lines to get through the border have been as long as 7 km with a wait time of up to 6 hours. Alternative border points in Hungary or Croatia can be used to by-pass. If you are driving in from an EU country e.g. Austria, you are required to pull over to check with authorities at the border, otherwise, the borders are open and usually the immigration control kiosk are empty.


Specialist Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary. Groupage, Thermo , ADR

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Transportation facilities have improved steadily since the 1960s. Budapest is the transportation center. In 2002, roads totaled an estimated 188,203 km (116,949 …


Hungary Expat Info Center Guide – Hungary General Information provides Expatriates with the Hungary Transport, Railways, Highways, Ports, Airports etc.


Transport in Hungary. Arriving and departing using public transportation in Hungary such as busses, trains, car hire, flights and ferries – Lonely Planet.


Logwin in Hungary: with over 250 locations across the world & a reliable network structure, Logwin AG has at his disposal an established network of locations …

Driver’s licence

As for almost everyone else, such as Africans, Asians, and Americans, the general understanding is this: you may drive for a year on your home-country license, as long as it is accompanied by a piece of folded cardboard with a stamp. This is the international driver’s license. Then, you must get a Hungarian license after one year, which has a medical exam. That’s the limit of most everyone’s knowledge on the subject. In practice, the above means –at least based on anecdotal evidence— that many foreigners who have been here more than a year are simply driving on their old license, and hoping they can get away with it until, well, whenever. The process of getting your Hungarian license can seem so time consuming, expensive and mysterious that most people would rather chance it, and do.


U.S. driver’s licenses will be accepted in Hungary for one year after arrival in Hungary, provided that a certified Hungarian translation is attached to the document …


Find out everyting you need to know about driver’s license in Hungary and the relevant formalities; info about driving requirements in the country.


A valid driver’s licence is required to drive a car in Canada and licences are issued by the province or territory. An International Driver’s Permit/License (IDP/IDL) …


When you need a new one…than go for asking it in Hungary. Its easy….. U.K. driver’s licenses will be accepted in Hungary for one year after …


If all this is done, you’ll just have to do some paperwork and in about 2-3 weeks you can claim your Drivers license. This whole procedure takes about 2-3 …


A father has been awarded more than €15,000 after judges agreed that the Hungarian authorities breached his human rights by removing access to his son.

The court held that Hungary was to pay Péro Vojnity 12,500 euros in respect of nonpecuniary damage and 3,000 euros in respect of costs and expenses.


An album documenting the era of persecution of Jews in Hungary, 1938-1944. Includes photographs from camps, photographs from newspaper reports, the …


Moving Hungary Belgium ? Recieve up to 6 quotes from Removal companies for your move to or from Hungary.


3 Hungarian Laser Hair Removal Clinics, 2 Reviews and Comments, 1 Price. Compare Laser Hair Removal clinics in Hungary and contact them by email or by …


Hungary Removal Companies – Professional Moving firms with outstanding quality service: BAR Hungary Removal companies, Hungary Removals Cheap make …


Hungary Guide: Professional removal companies, How to work with them: If you want to use a removal company.


Hungarians are rightly proud of their unique, complex, sophisticated, richly expressive language, Hungarian (Magyar pronounced “mahdyar”). It is a Uralic language most closely related to Mansi and Khanty of western Siberia. It is further sub-classified into the Finno-Ugric languages which include Finnish and Estonian; it is not at all related to any of its neighbours: the Slavic, Germanic, and Romance languages belonging to the Indo-European language family. Although related to Finnish and Estonian, they are not mutually intelligible. Aside from Finnish, it is considered one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn with the vocabulary, complicated grammar, and pronunciation being radically different. So it is not surprising that an English speaker visiting Hungary understands nothing from written or spoken Hungarian. Hungary did adopt the Latin alphabet after becoming a Christian kingdom in the year 1000.


Hungary Communications 2013, CIA World Factbook.


Hungary’s telecommunications market has been liberalized, and there is now a choice of service providers. Deutsche Telekom now operates the former state …


Hungarian internal and external communication systems in Hungary.


Mission job: Communications Officer, Hungary, full time.


Hungary communications – comprehensive information of communication facilities in Hungary, including Mobile telephone networks, internet facilities.


Most of the Hungarian families like spending their freetime together. Of course, there is a seperation between the youth and the olders. The youth often go out, hanging with their friends, go to pubs or concerts, go to cinema, do sports or just stay at home and watching the tv, playing computer games or surfing on the internet. The olders like go hiking, go picnic or sitting in a park and relaxing and watching tv too. They often go to exhibitions.


Hungary offers a wide range of options for leisure, entertainment and sporting pursuits. For day trips or weekends away Hungary offers beautiful countryside and …


Relax, take it easy, enjoy yourself at your leisure. Our Hungary leisure hotels mean the difference between a great leisure hotel break in Hungary and a merely …


Hotels in Budapest (Area) from the leading hotel review platform with hotel features: ?Leisure activities.


Looking for enjoyable activities in Hungary? Articles about leisure in Hungary, sports and cultural activities in Hungary.


Shopping in Hungary. British Corner Shop (BCS) is the online supermarket for British expats, delivering over 8,000 food, drink, toiletries and household products …


The following typical Hungarian goods and folk art items are nice gifts and tourist souvenirs:

Folk art items:

Kalocsa embroideries (coloured and white)

Matyó embroideries and blouses

black ceramics, wood carvings

glazed items

Toby (Miska) jugs

Sárköz homespun products

blue-dyed fabrics


The Hungarian language belongs to the Finno-Ugrian language group and substantially differs from all other European languages. Special sounds: á, cs, é, gy, …


Features Song Lyrics for Stonehenge hungary’s Miscellaneous album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews.


Useful information and tips about living in Hungary: all you need to know to live in Hungary.


Hungary travel tips, reviews, photos and more from VirtualTourist vtPrincipalDetails, null. Get insider travel tips for Hungary from real travelers and locals.


The National Library of Foreign Literature had a stand of its own at the festival and presented a small exhibition entitled “National Minorities in Hungary”.

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