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Yabenda is the most complete listing of Afghan businesses around the world, including stores, banquet halls, decoration, photography, videography, non proft


Welcome to Afghanistan’s first and Largest online Business Directory. WHAT’s NEW. Phase 2 of Hairatan-Mazar Railway to Begin Soon: Officials · Plans


Afghanistan – Afghan businesses outside and inside Afghanistan. … Directory of Afghan Owned Businesses


Afghans.com is the Main Search Engine for Afghan Owned Businesses in and outside Afghanistan.

In 2007, Afghanistan’s licit economy grew by a staggering 13.5%, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the fastest in South Asia. This growth was led largely by impressive gains in Afghanistan’s licit agricultural sector, but also gains in all its primary exports including raisins, carpets, wool, pistachios, almonds, onions, and gemstones. Domestic industries such as telecommunications, construction, building materials, financial services, and others are also gaining quickly.

The information and the links below are designed as rough guides and general links for the interested businessperson. If your business has specific interest or questions concerning investing in Afghanistan, importing Afghan goods, or starting a business in Afghanistan, you should contact our office at: 1-202-482-1812 or AfghanInfo@trade.gov.

Afghan craftsmen are world famous for their handmade carpets and jewelry, while Afghan’s fertile soil fed by deep snow-fed aquifers produce world-class quality agricultural products. Top exports to the United States include handmade carpets, gemstones, pine nuts, licorice root, and other dried fruits and nuts. Regional exports include raisins, pistachios, pomegranates, onions, and marble/granite materials. For more information on some of these specific sectors, refer to our Market Information page, which features reports from world experts in the field, or contact the Afghanistan Investment and Reconstruction Task Force at: 1-202-482-1812 or AfghanInfo@trade.gov.

The Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan is dedicated to promoting Afghanistan’s processing, marketing, and distribution of its many commodities. It is primarily focused on Afghanistan’s three most export competitive sectors: agricultural goods (especially dried fruits and nuts), carpets, and mined materials (especially marble and gemstones).

Afghanistan Procurement Directory, a vetted company directory produced by the Canadian NGO Peace Dividend Trust, can help you find a vendor for the Afghan goods or services you seek.

Treasury Clarification on Iran Transshipment

March 13, 2008

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued some interpretative guidance regarding U.S. imports of Afghan goods, which have transshipped Iran. In summary, U.S. persons (citizens, companies, etc.) are allowed to import, purchase, resell, etc. carpets and foodstuffs (fruits, nuts, spices, etc.) whether or not they transshipped Iran. Indeed, U.S. persons are allowed to even engage in loading such Afghan goods at an Iranian port. For further details, please refer to the OFAC letter or to the OFAC website on U.S. sanctions policy towards Iran.

Gemstones, Jewelry, and Handicraft Products from Afghanistan

A list of various sources for Afghan-origin products!

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