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Sri Lanka is the jewel-shaped island that seems to hang off the Indian subcontinent. This nation has had a tumultuous history, but is most famous for its …


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Kandy is the main city in the Sri Lankan hill country. It was the last city of Ceylon (as Sri Lanka was known prior to 1972) to be invaded by …


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Sri Lankan Stars offers a complete Celebrity news, reviews, gossips, rumors, pictures and wallpapers of your favourite Sri Lankan Stars and Celebrities. Mail me your photos and details and I’ll publish it in my blog. \

The short version is that it took off beyond my wildest expectations and got too big to handle.

Many thank yous to everyone who contributed. This page will stay up for archival purposes.

This page is the “hub” of the loony idea to make a list of the top 100 blog posts in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. I never thought the ideas would take off. But it has and I coughed up some “guidelines” about how to nominate posts.

How to nominate posts

Write a post describing one or more posts you want to nominate for the list. You can’t nominate a post that you wrote (even if it is written on another blog).

Your nominating post should contain:

The URL of and title of each post you are nominating

Describe the post in 5 sentences or less (to keep it short and to the point)

State why you think this particular post deserves to be included in the top 100.

Add a link to your post in the comment box of this post (this is important of I’ll miss your nomination)

Now the nominations have started with the Rhythmic One leading the way. I’ll be adding the nominated posts on this page as they roll forth. Please use the comment box on this page to let me know of your nominations.

The RD wrote a post nominating Drama Queen’s award winning post about well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

MeTheBlogger introduces The Lost Poet’s Old Love Post

T/Sosnazzy/Dance in A Triangle has gone to town and nominated several gems starting with What to Shout at Rugger Matches by Chaarmax, then moved on to

Going Home (to die) by Angel

Abuse by Gutterflower

The Foot in the Mouth Society also by Gutterflower

Paradox by Gutterflower

Of dickheads behind desks and fucktards behind the wheel by Confab:

In Praise of the Trishaw by RD

Dependence Day – a grenade of a poem by The Whackster

The ever nutty Pissu Perera has has written up a mega list of 24 nominations starting with Shaky town by the childof25. I have copy pasted Pissu’s list Lakbima style (but with proper attribution 😉 Check out Pissu’s post for more

Short term-long term by co25

The long good bye by co25,

Eating your hopper because hopper porn has to be included.

Independence by Horus

An incomplete post by Horus,

Me and my green underpants by Horus,

Heart fm by Sach

Sex ed by sach

Mahagedara by John.

Gojibiland: protesorgy by Spectral Centroid

It was here all along by T,

A lunge to remember by T,

V-day spam by T,

The moments by T,

OMG minihek by Angel,

A kottu konundrum by Born Yesterday,

In the background by Hot Chocolate,

Tamil. Not a terrorist by Poetlost

So RD, how was Sri Lanka then by RD,

I’m not lighting a candle today by Jokerman,

Going home- the scary and the hope by Manshark,

Hope on the edge by Manshark

Do i really want to be a lawyer by Manshark,

kalusudda nominated 2 of MY posts 😀 including Colombo driver’s survival guide – mystery of the coloured lights and

Vegetarian’s guide to insecure meat eaters

He also nominated Rajaratarala’s post far thinking or elitism

Rohitha (no blog URL supplied) has nominated 2 post from the sporting arena – both by Hilal Suhaib. The first is Post Mortem: Sri Lanka’s skipper resigns

Followed by There’s something about Mendis

RD has nominated (and I second him) on David Blacker’s take on Cologne – a Colombo sized city in Deutschland

David Blacker’s fictonalised account of Rohan Wijaweera’s execution mixes the drama, pathos, brutality and history of a pivotal time in Sri Lankan history. Its also good story telling. I’m sure Fredrick Forsyth would approve.

TMS’s post on the complexities of ethic & gender identity in Sri Lanka during the first decade of the 21st century

I’m seconding pissu’s nomination of RD’s post So RD, how was Sri Lanka then?. It is a departure from his classic themes without a flicker of his blogging mastery.

Deshapalana (who blogs with unacceptable infrequency) wrote this gem of a piece on the war and the peace back in 2008 which reads quite prophetically in 2009

Jake point’s post on the decline of cricket into entertainment (which some think is a good thing) is a sociological rarely acknowledged sociological comment of our times.

TheWhacksteR has nominated a post about pop-ups by a sort of beautiful, not quite insane mind called A Short Story of Popups and Doomsday

Sachintha says Damith’s post The Legend of Splendid Mendis (among other things) is absofuckinglutely hilarious.

Damiths has suggested Sachintha’ The marvel that is Bata (Sri Lanka’s own Rubber Slippers/cultural icon)

Dulan points to 2 posts on the famous (now abandoned) Nidahas blog starting with The Bamboo Cannon

Followed by the elequant Third World Designer

RD’s has nominated my post about a Royal Colombo Flatulist Association annual recital 😉

Kalusudda, the official commenter of the Sri Lankan blogosphere has nominated a trilogy of post about the JavaJones’s tussles with the notorious Trishawmafia starting with There’s this Mafia in town

Followed by More on that Trishawmafia

The trilogy ends (for now) with The Trishawmafia episode ends – for now

With much grovelling apologies I would also like to squeeze in Kalusudda’s earlier nomination of indi’s Ethics of Comment Moderation

Vindicated (vindi) nominated my old post When the war is “over” and left me to do the grunt work finding it 😉

RD has written an extensive nomination on the Bohemian Gypsy‘s work of word art called “The Carver.“

Azreal has nominated TheWhacksteR’s post about a happy trip

TheWhacksteR suggests an “absolute jammer by The Unsilent“

Jack Point suggests three posts starting with David Blacker’s “deeply personal and moving account of the events of July 1983“

Continuing to David’s interview with a Sri Lankan mercenary serving in Iraq

On a different topic jack recomend’s Scrumpy’s sad but powerful post (about dealing with an alcoholic parent)

Finally he suggests Indi’s the Monks who stole Christmas

whateva has nominated Lanka Libertarian’s post on Sri Lankan politics AND the politics of the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

Sachintha suggested TheWhacksteR’s post on smiling and sexual politics of the Sri Lankan work place

Time to add in a few more starting with Have You Seen My Elephant? by Vindicated

July ’83, My Story by the Rythmic One (who in the interest of full disclosure kindly linked to my post about the July 83 riots)

Sanjana sent in the first (hopefully of many) groundviews posts: For Lasantha and others

Dili nominated my Jaffna relatives post

Jack Point recommends a sex post by TheWhackster called Boy meets girl, boy eats girl

TheWhacksteR recommends Ravana’s comment war inducing post about an assassination attempt on the former president of the Maldives

Gallicissa took some time off from hunting birds with lenses to recommended a post about the Green Underpants of the Sri Lankan Tazmanian Devil

A touching post to the boy next door by the kindly drummer – created quite a conversation

Indi’s account of taking medical supplies to Vavuniya cuts through the politics and the lies

Sachintha nominates Life in Taprobane’s expose on Superbrands and poignant yet humourous post on being Being a Single-dad in Colombo

foodie recommends this hilarious post by Unsilent Dawn instructively titled How to Have a Small yet Awesome BBQ in Badulla

Tinker of Colombo has rebelliously nominated Oooru Miyaa’s (Fieldmouse in English) entire blog leaving me to do the job digging for a juicy post. Thankfully Oooru is a hillarious writer (wish he’d resurface with more). I have pick his post Valantines day – Memoirs of Ooorumiyaa” (possibly the only extract of his banned autobiography). Its humour gurgles over a interesting terrain of Colombo’s NGO social scene.

I’m nominating Gypsy Bohemia’s powerful account about the fall out of domestic violence and child abuse.

Dulan, the mind behind nisadas.com recommends a post titled “Peace” – an uplifting readable and inspiring story about facing death written by Angel with a Pitchfork.

Shane recommends a post about the fallout of LTTE operations in Canada

Reno suggests a post from the stone age 😉 – the committee has approves the nomination though this is a non smoking blog.

RN got ahead of my in recommending David Balcker’s recollections of his experience as a private solider fighting in Elephant Pass. Possible the best Sri Lankan war writing out there. Conspiratorial types are sure its part of his yet to be published memoirs 😉 but I’m not one of them. Though it is high time the guy wrote a book.

RN also nominated Voice in Colombo’s hilarious Top 10 Books by Sri Lankan Bloggers (on Kottu)

Jack suggested Dance In A Triangle’s reaction to the end of the war in Sri Lanka

and another about Exams

TBP suggests the Wonderdog’s satirical masterpiece “Sayonara Slackers” (circa 2007). I mistaken though I had added it to the list but hadn’t which I consider a terrible terrible mistake. I have admit its been a source of inspiration for quite a while.

kalusudda has recommended Serendipity’s post Not too late to correct the miscalculation by the US, UK, EU, Scandinavia regarding the LTTE

He also nominated Dr. Pradeep Jeganathan’s 3 part interview with Peace and Conflict Timeline – starting with Sri Lanka’s Conflict: An Interview with PACT (part i)

Sri Lanka’s Conflict: An Interview with PACT (part ii)

Sri Lanka’s Conflict: An Interview with PACT (part iii)

Swaranam nominates Bailaman’s expose of cricket and politics Video: CNN and Jan Jananayagam trod on the acheivements of the Sri Lankan cricket team for the “Best controversial blog POST you have ever read”

Sanjana suggests a string of high trafficked posts. Starting with this controversial one and unedited account unverified An Eye Witness account of IDP Camp conditions in Sri Lanka

Re-founding Sri Lanka: Reform and Renovation

Fighting the PR War

13th Amendment: Why non-implementation is a non-option,

Can we End this Cycle of Hatred,

Lard Boy suggests bailaman’s To say that Tamils are being persecuted in Sri Lanka is bunkum – Gayathri Jude“

Anonymous generously donated a wealth of nominations starting with Harumi’s very interesting and exciting “Saturday Special” part1

and “Saturday Special” part2

Dee’s breakneck drive to a wedding

Makuluwo’s hilarious posts Every Friggin Tamil Movie, and


Water Cooler by Mr. Chaarmax himself!

David’s fascinating interview with a fascinating gentlemen (Dayan Jayatilleka)

T’s amazing, and rather breathtaking piece: Natural Mystic

The Puppeteer taking matters into her own hands with a Mission Impossible style rescue mission in I Lost The Fork

Gyppo’s excellent letter to chauvinists “On attire and temptation”

Delilah’s brilliant piece about falling in love with a dreamer Dont fall in love with a dreamer

Brilliant little Nethmi and parents dealing with teaching their kids about Death : Deathly Issues

The gutterflower has bloomed a bouquet of nominations starting with Last Time by T – emotively written

Girl in the Mirror by the Missing Sandwich – ditto.

Shakespeare on blogging – because its spot on.

Yapane bath kade (Jaffna Rice shop – an eatery) on Malay street – i’m a little jealous because i haven’t eaten there yet.

Darkside does weddings – one word: funny.

My Dilly Dallying’s – I Wonder

Bill Please – yes, another poem, i know. discovered this blog a while back, and its a treat reading through it. this is one of my faves.

Chavie nominates St.Fallen’s Bohemian trip into the mountains

Sigma offers up Delilah’s take on school suicides and mobile phones that has got a lot of people commenting

T has kindly nominated my post on Sri Lanka’s ruins and history.

Both Kirigalpoththa and Chavie nominated 3 posts by Harumi all based on the trauma known as school likfe in south asia Taare Zameen Par (post about a Bollywood film)

Every child is special part 1

Every child is special part 2

kingducky nominates Remember by Black Lullaby

Vak suggests a post on the South Asian Man (SAM)

Chavie suggests the following post by Sigma about his days as a tea planter starting with: I’ll Tell you why

Of firm and fair

My day usually started early up at 5am

Of Spooks and lovers

When you say planter general reaction

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