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Like most people in this tech-savy and demanding world, I’m getting wrapped in too many stuff. Sometimes it’s this blog, sometime’s it’s my music, twitter etc. Let’s not forget the

god-forsaken homework that teachers feel the need to give and…I have my exams. Just bundles of joy I tell ya’.

It all gets a bit too much handle at times, but some-how I manage. I persevere no matter how severe (yes, that was supposed to rhyme). It’s like I have all these plethora of things to do and if focus on one, it has repercussions (like this blog, which went from having a Alexa rank of 300,000 to 1,100,000). Sometimes I feel like I should just let go but something keeps holding me back…

One might face a lot of unexpected lags while using an android device. If the phone has become old or has been used too much, there are chances that it might become very slow and as a result give interrupting performances. One will definitely hate such type of delays. Hence some ways have been found out to avoid such delays in performance and keep the phone in proper speed. Here are some listed below:

The ongoing voter verification process in Karachi was supposed to end by Feb.11th 2013, but by the given date 0.7 million voters in all the districts have not been verified yet. The process started on Supreme Court’s notification which came out as a result of the petition filed by some parties against Karachi’s election results. The parties demanded for the delimitation in Karachi, which was last done in 2002 on the census report of 1998 in all over Pakistan. Since then census process has not been done in Pakistan.

Election Commission laws (Act 34 of 1974) is clear about the process of delimitation. The law says “the constituencies for elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies are to be delimited after every census.” Now the Article 10(11) of above ECP law says under the title of “Bar of Jurisdiction” that “the validity of the delimitation of any constituency, or of any proceedings taken or anything done by or under the authority of the Commission, under this Act shall not be called in question in any court.” Now the parties who are sitting outside National assembly has focused on Karachi for delimitation and voter verification and the largest opposition party PML(N) has joined them in this campaign. The questions arise are, why didn’t PML(N) demand the census throughout the country and then delimitation under ECP laws in last five years? Why did these parties raising this issue when the Election is around the corner?

Safely, 60% or more population in Pakistan lives in rural areas, which depend on Agriculture and so does Pakistani economy. But in 65 year of state process we have seen 30 year of democracy and rest has gone to dictatorships. But the 30 year of democracy in which more than 60% elected members come from rural areas have failed to develop those areas. Most of the villages in Pakistan are still lacking with clean water, education system and health system for the general public.

Unfortunately, we still witness the cases of parallel judicial system like Panchayat, bonded labor and honor killings. The democracies consists of mainly oligarchies have given nothing to the people of Pakistan. And the shattered cotton industry, shortage of wheat and growing terrorism are the proof of their failed attitudes towards those people who vote for them. The ruler politics is mostly depends upon factions, traditions, religion, cast and personal rivalries. The representatives don’t come with any agenda for people. And lack of education and mental slaveries haven’t let villagers learned the power of their votes.

ECP commissioner Fakhuruddin G Ibrahim has opposed the demand of delimitation but has agreed on the Army deployment on every Polling station in Karachi. The step is undemocratic but ECP is doing it in the interest of Pakistan. If ECP and Supreme Court think that free and fair election of only Karachi can bring the change in each part of Pakistan then with due respect to the above institution I can’t agree with this step. The areas which are in need of free and fair elections are the rural areas, where voters are forced to vote for their masters and sometimes on the simplest bribe of Rs.500 or by one time meal.

Even Free and fair Election Network (FAFEN) should concentrate more on rural areas. The Army should be deployed on each polling station of those rural areas. Here national and international media has to play their role by showing more coverage of the rural areas. What standard of living the villagers have after giving votes to their masters in every election? After all, again at the end of the next election the Pakistani parliament will be ruling by the oligarchies.

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