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Blogging has become very popular nowadays. To a lot of social media/tech savvy people and internet geeks, blogging has become second nature. And many are earning loads from this hobby too. But every so often, no matter the niche, there emerge some popular blogs and bloggers that become influencers, and set standards in their respective niche. And like in every profession, bloggers need inspiration. This inspiration doesn’t need to be from the top blogs like TechCrunch or Mashable. Rather, you can look up the top blogs in your own country and feel inspired. For this purpose, we will be sharing some top 10 blogs and bloggers list from across various countries. And here is a list of the top 10 blogs and bloggers from Malaysia for your inspiration if you’re from Malaysia (or even if you’re not).

Blog evaluation

While evaluating blogs, there’s no one or easy parameter that tells us which blog is the best. This is mainly due to the non-availability of accurate analytics data. The most obvious rating system of choice would be Alexa Traffic Rank. But even that’s not accurate enough, since it mostly monitors traffic from its toolbar-installed browsers (at least that’s how it worked last time we saw). So a site with less traffic could rank above a site with greater traffic in Alexa. But still, it does give us a good estimate of where a website or blog stands.

In our rating, we also take into account audience engagement (comments, likes, followers etc), and Google PageRank, as well as ‘blog influence’ and Technorati ratings (for the past 180 days). Hence, our ratings might not confer with another ranking system, because we evaluate how influential, how popular, and how well optimized and ranked a blog is. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the blog is in English or a native language. The purpose is just to find out what blogs are popular. So here goes!

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