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I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog. If you have any questions–about Kyrgyzstan, travelling in the former Soviet Union, the Kyrgyz language, anthropology, my …


As it happens, I’m sitting in the same sweltering heat in the same internet cafe where I posted my first blog way back in August. Many thanks to …


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It’s been a year since I left Kyrgyzstan, and it’s been even longer since I’ve been away from the blog. In my last months there, I didn’t have much …


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The woman who guided us through the Manjili Mazaar was a shaman. Actually, Tynara called her a clairavoiant (sp?), but I think that’s mainly because everything she did deeply couched in a lot of Islamic practices, and shamanism is generally not considered very Islamic.

This woman, however, was a textbook shaman. She was called to her practice through a series of visions and other spiritual experiences. She has a few spirit guides that talk to her in holy places and let her know about the people she is with. She tells the future. I put a picture of her in the album.

Everyone was kind of suprised when I was the first one she talked about. We were sitting at the grave of Manzhili and she said that her guide was telling her that I was a sprititual person–that I had come to this site not just because it was associated with my work but because of my interest in religion and spiritual things. She said she saw my taking a long trip and meeting a man in a large building who would help me do my work.

Later, she said that I was about to take a long journey-within a month or two–but that I would return to Kyrgyzstan. This freaked out the women I was with, because they hadn’t told her that I was leaving for America in a month or that I was planning on comming back to continue my research.

Fun stuff.

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It’s my last day in Bishkek, after a very enjoyable sojurn to Osh, before jetting off for London and the real world. As it happens, I’m sitting in the same sweltering heat in the same internet cafe where I posted my first blog way back in August. Many thanks to everybody who followed me. I won’t be updating any more but if you are interested in information on Bishkek, or have any questions, please contact me at max.

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