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Greg lives in Hungary as a foreigner and he runs this blog “Abroad in Budapest” since January 2010. Very interesting to see my city through his …


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Today we feature Chew.hu for you. A Gastro site written in English mostly about Hungarian foods and drinks, about restaurants and cafés.

I started a new jewellery line which is inspired by two countries of the Maghreb: Algeria and Morocco. The traditional Algerian wedding necklaces are made form small, triangle-shaped beads, made form a scented, plant-based black/brown paste which is dried. The necklace which is decorated with kitsch golden and plastic beads is used to fragrance the bride’s clothing after the wedding ceremony. I took beads from such necklaces and created new ones, with colourful Moroccan kaftan beads and small pearls to transform them into modern, (scented!) MIMÓZA pieces.

Diários de Filosofia is a bilingual blog partly run by the Hungarian István Bagó who is the co-author of the blog.

We feature a post with a little qutation, that is about the Mikulás:

“Today we celebrate the name Nicholas (Miklós). It’s when according to tradition Santa Claus, or “Mikulás” as we call him, appears for the first time. The name comes from a bishop called Saint Nicholas who was a very generous person – he always helped people, especially children. Saint Nicholas started being referred to as Santa Claus after the Protestant Reformation.” (to read the entire post click here)

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