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By – http://www.lettersfromgib.com Letters from Gibraltar is where journalist Brian Reyes blogs about life in and around this British territory at the southernmost tip …


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All Blog Posts Tagged ‘Gibraltar’ | Providing information and discussion about the Earth Changes, the pending Pole shift, and how to prepare …


Prospects’ guest blogger Jack lifts the lid on life working in Gibraltar, and offers his own tips for getting a graduate job in the country.

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We started out early this day as we had a 3 hour drive to Gibraltar ahead of us. Thanks to the GPS, a series of roundabouts, and a missed exit that took us about an hour out of the way, we ended up in a little country town named Las Cazebas deSan Juan that is built up on a mountain, with the church situated at the very top. Back on the autovia and headed in the right direction this time, we drove through vineyards, farmlands, cattle ranches, wind turbine farms, and peaks and valleys of the mountains. We even passed a castle, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. We spent the majority of the drive oohing and aahing at the marvelous Spanish countryside. Each time we went through a tunnel, we would come out and be …

We left Mahon after spending a few days sorting ourselves out, a few jobs, some school and getting to know Freddie, Tim and Mia and Alessia. Alcohol consumption has re-risen to Sally and Richard days but the Pomardo (Mahon gin and Fanta lemon) just need to be regularly sampled! Samuel enjoyed a sleepover with the girls aboard Open Blue and was on very best behaviour. We left Mahon for Cala En Porter where a local festival was in swing. Fiestas seem to be little more than a money-spinning activity which promote tourism but it was a fun-packed day on the beach building sandcastles to compete for a prize to be judged and prizes awarded by Neptune himself. The kids worked together to create a sand-octopus (following the octopus sighting that morning on Fabiola‚Äôs anchor). Unfortunately due … read more

Its late at night so please excuse this hasty blog. I thought to myself…you know what…Ive kept silent about this subject for 4 years … I was called many names for trying to come up with different theories about what happened to Madeleine McCann. I even managed to speak to Richard Branson for 8 minutes and 26 seconds…at the time I said…I believe the McCanns were INNOCENT of the disappearance of their daughter…(he gave 100 000 pounds the next day to the Madeleine McCann legal fund) But Ive had time to think whilst I was in the clink surrounded by the worst kind of sex offenders you can possibly imagine…(thats a whole different story for another time) I’ve analysed it carefully the whole case from beginning to end and Ive got a new opion on the … read more

Last night we tried to book ourselves into a tour offered by our hotel to Gibraltar, but it was booked. So I did some Internet research to try to find another tour and I didn’t have much luck. SO… I decided I would rent a car to drive us to Gibraltar. This morning we had a leisurely breakfast before Emily’s tour of Gibraltar pulled out of the station. We hopped onto the one highway and one hour later, we got off the highway. The Spanish seem to pretend that Gibraltar doesn’t even exist, since they lost it to the English in 1704. The highway signs don’t even mention Gibraltar, rather the little town on the Border called La Linea de Conception. So we meandered our way thru the town and got ourselves into … read more

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