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Bulgaria is second only to the Netherlands in average cases of …. It just turns out that I done all of this at the expense of my blog recentl.y


Not much time as usual for the things I want to do, namely cycling and blogging, but that is just down to life as it is here. How many of the population here have …


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The longer you live abroad the harder it is to imagine your life at home. That is until one day it isn’t so hard.

It started for me this past summer. I went home for my brother’s wedding and I experience my first twinge of what if. What if I lived closer to home? What if I missed out on this? What if something happened to my parents? What if, what if, what if.

Then I returned to Sofia in August and the what-ifs went away. I was back in my Mladost apartment. I was in my classroom teaching once again. I had a routine. I was surrounded by my friend in a life had created for myself and I went on dates with my boyfriend. I was back in Sofia.

This was year five and I’d found my stride.

My Bulgarian was better than ever. I knew the city well enough to navigate the city center map-less. I had broad spectrum of friends and I was having a great time in Sofia, in Bulgaria and traveling in Europe.

Then because of the crazy hiring schedule of international schools after Thanksgiving, I was asked what my plans were for the next year. I was offered a contract for the 2013-14 school year but I was asked to decide before Christmas. I promptly broke my hand. So I asked for an extension which I was given.

Here at Uncle Bulgaria’s Blog of all things Bulgarian I hope to give you an eclectic mix of Bulgarian news and views coupled with other topics that I find interesting especially from the UK and elsewhere be they funny, shocking,challenging or just different.

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