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I started this blog to share with you my passion for beautiful things and I do hope to express my design ideas from time to time.I like to tell you …


A good way to ensure you fail to update your blog, I find, is to post something … Waffle: Brussels, Belgium: Ex-eurodrone, unfit mother, slattern.


It is over. This is the end of my blog. Thank you to everyone who read, whether you read once, or every day. I appreciate the support that …


I stumbled upon the annual Bruxelles Les Bains festival today completely by accident. Wanting to procrastinate on writing my copy for as long as humanly …


I Love Belgium, Belgian, Blog, Architecture, Bank, City Hall, Corian What defines a city centre? Back in the day, the most prestigious building …

The clip called “man met rat” here (click on that title to the right of the screen), is two minutes of the most universal ‘male tries to placate moody pregnant/roosting female’ scenario imaginable. How I laughed. Please watch it. 1m52 of realising that owls are JUST LIKE US (with a bit more dismemberment).

Male arrives, proudly, brandishing limp offering.

“I brought you a rat!”

Silence. Passive aggressive feather grooming.

“Look, it’s really fresh”

“I don’t want a fucking rat”

“Come on, it’ll do you good. You know you love rats”.

“Oh my god. It’s like you don’t know me at all”.

“Shall I just put it down over here for when you feel like it?”


Male dangles rat enticingly in front of female’s averted beak, and wheedles. “Mmmmmm, rat”.

“UGH. Can you take that thing out of here? The smell is making me sick”.

Male, deflated, sort of hangs around, goes out of the room, comes back in, hangs around again, uncertainly. Female continues silent passive aggressive feather grooming.

“Are you sure? Come on”


“FINE. You can be a right mardy cow you know”.

Male flies away, with rat.

I’d like to imagine there’s a coda to this clip several hours later, where the female turns to the male and says, in all innocence “is there any of that rat left?”

Lately, I have been spoiled by impromptu visits of dear friends. I talked about Marie-Anne hopping in from Greece in my previous post and last weekend Laurence showed up in Brussels which made for an unforgettable weekend. When asked where she is from, Laurence always answers that she keeps moving up North; she is originally from Pau in Southern France, lived in B (Biarritz or Bordeaux, I forgot which) for a while, moved to Paris and came to Brussels at the end of the 80’s. She has now been living in Sweden for almost 10 years with her Swedish husband and three kids.

Laurence is an artist, a painter herself and we had such a great time visiting Kandinsky in Brussels. No pictures allowed at the exhibition but I am hoping that these i-phone shots do not qualify.

Truly wonderful and interesting exhibit, which places the artist’s work in the greater Russian context. Wonderful explanations, beautiful catalog. In short: well worth a visit, highly recommended.

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